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It’s amazing how many people are starting to believe in the  project! In late January, I dropped by the me2everyone site and joined Then I noticed that there were at that time about 57,600 members that had already joined… I went back there a few days later and that number had ballooned to almost 95,000 in just a  week or so, AND TODAY THE MEMBERSHIP IS 391,000+  AND GOWING !

Recently I have touched on topics that are about how to make money online with blogs, websites and things related to blogging and internet marketing. [me2everyone when launched]
I wrote a me2everyone review a few weeks ago and since then the review has picked up quite a buzz.
There are a few areas that I want to discuss regarding the program that I didn’t really touch on in my last review…
Is Me2Everyone a Scam?
To the best of my knowledge,  I am guranteeing  Me2Everyone is not a scam… I have done research and I have found that the company is backed by some serious investors in Britain and could very well take off just like Second Life, World of Warcraft, Everquest and other Multiplayer networking environments.
The nice thing about Me2Everyone is that it will be firmly based on reality, a virtual environment in which we can hold meetings, and have access to tools like video conferencing, instant messaging and everything you have come to expect in today’s technological society.
Can you remember when Google, Microsoft, Ebay or Yahoo were just infants in startup mode… Did you have an opportunity to get in at the ground floor for just a few bucks and said to yourself… “That company is going to flop… There is no way they will make it…”
Well here is another one of those opportunities except this time they will give you FREE shares just to join the program! Beyond that, Me2Everyone has something called the Ripple Effect and if you refer your friends to the program they will instantly become shareholders too not to mention that you will get more shares from Me 2 Everyone as their way of saying thanks!
There are a million scams out there but Me2Everyone looks like the real deal and time is definitely running out to get in on the action!
What makes Me2Everyone better than Second Life or World of Warcraft?
Me2Everyone will be owned primarily by the people, it is a digital village that will eventually grow into a city and beyond that it will expand into a world. It will give users the ability to interact with each other in a way that is unique and exciting.
As soon as the game launches you will have the ability to sell your shares and make a tidy profit at any time… However, shares will most certainly become increasingly valuable as the virtual world picks up new advertisers, businesses and sponsors.
I honestly believe that if we all get in on this opportunity, we as a people can turn this into the biggest money making venture of our lives, and by being a trend setter the potential is limitless, this little social networking environment could become bigger than Myspace and Facebook combined… Besides, what do you have to lose…
Click on the link to sign up and receive 100 FREE shares just for joining: 
I know this sounds like a sales pitch and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be writing about this if I didn’t see the potential… Throughout history the first-movers and trendsetters have become increasingly wealthy by getting in before the masses… The leaders of our world generally make a lot more money than the followers. We will give this subject a break and get back on tips to help you successfully market your business in future articles… The bottom line is that we all want to learn how to make money online and there are a million ways to do it!
I didn’t want to leave my subscribers hanging on this one so if you’ve made it this far, I want to go ahead and provide a few marketing tips that will help you increase the traffic of your blog or website…
What are the two most important factors in regard to gaining natural search engine traffic?
Well IMO the two most important factors are:
1.) Keyword Optimized Content
2.) Keyword Optimized Backlinks
Where can you find high quality one-way anchor text backlinks?
1.) Forums – Sitepoint.com, Warriorforum.com, etc…
2..) Blogs – Look for CommentLuv and KeywordLuv blogs
3.) Directories – There are a million of them out there and many of them are free…
4.) Social Bookmarking websites – Here is a great tip, go to SocialMarker.com and bookmark your articles at the “Do-Follow” social bookmarking websites. I have seen massive improvements in my SERP’s since I started using this strategy…
I want to let all of my readers know that I am committed to helping them make money online, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please note that I will make the time and try to assist you in your efforts. So how can I not recommend to you that you watch this 45  second video!



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