How TO Promote Your Brand With T-Shirts

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How to promote your  brand with  T-shirts

• Purchase advertising for large projects: One  can purchase advertising auction and many records per day below 50 cents. In most large shirt blogs with these guys, with lots of placed bloggers, this is one of the best ways for small businesses to buy and sell

Participate in the forum of the popular T-shirt Community And “join”, , it’s not spam the site with the address of the  store. Here’s how to do well: Link to the store for his signature with some creative copying and / or narrative (things like “Click here to see my work” or “Click here for a great urban design” seem to work fine). Enter comments regarding the posts of others and person should  try to take part successfully in the community

The most valuable are the  messages, people  are more curious about the person  what he does. One will   be surprised how the person  can make good connections to the network through forums .Establishment of an affiliate program with the shares This is another site advertising to small businesses and blogs. Affiliate programs work by offering people a percentage (or fixed) for each sale that is made by the  banners on the  site.

Identify the main shirt blogs / sites

Start with Pop Culture Tees and shop / new jersey to submit to all major industry blogs. Most of the  bloggers are more than willing to offer new models. Make sure one has  an email address to receive construction and mailing list. .
Check out this great list of blogs of the shirt to begin with.
• Make an Etsy shop and sell some of its products through its website
Creating a store takes a few minutes, the payment is provided by PayPal and there is no place in the description of your store with a link to your main site .
• Start a blog (or write, if you have one).It is well known that these days have a website for your business blog is a great way to encourage the  visitors to your site. Not sure what to write in the blog?

Talk about experiences one have had as the owner designer / store.
• Participate in a design competition or two large sites like Thread less or Cameos
Finally, the sale of their products depends on the exposure, and more. Even if person does not win, submit a design of one of the most competitive sites buy some additional exposure and buzz through the comments.
It’s a great way to talk about the  work, reading the  profile, and gives  the opportunity to involve more people.



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