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Choose a reputable web host which can help you to register your business name. Export and import businesses are known as international trading. By exporting your products to abroad, you also open wider opportunities to grab bigger customer. Some companies which are not familiar with documents of export and import use brokers to be middle men.

Generally, starting export and import businesses need capital at least $5,000. Of course, this really depends on the goods that you will sell to the market. However, this business has a very low startup cost since you can do it from home and only need some licenses. Having a business license is really crucial. You also need to find insurance for your business. It is highly recommended if you also consult with embassies which has special department to promote export goods. If you prefer to purchase products from another country then you are called importer. Many companies combine export and import business as well to achieve high profit. For instance: You are living in Indonesia and running garment business. For the fabric material, you import it from China, processing in your company then selling to Europe. You have to gain some knowledge about export documents like shipping bill or bill of export. Shipping bill is issued by the agent that informs in details about ship’s owner, buyer, seller and related parties. On the post parcel customs clearance, you have to prepare several documents like custom declaration form, dispatch note, commercial invoice, consular invoice, custom invoice and so on. Custom declaration from is prepared in quadruplicate with code number CP2/CP3 and signed by sender. Despatch note is filled by exporter. Make sure that the address is written completely since this action is taken by postal department if the goods are refused to be accepted by receivers.

Exporter also issues commercial invoice. Consular invoice is only available in some countries like Iraq, Burma, New Zaeland, Australia, Cyprus and so on. It is signed by counsel of importing country which is located in the country of exporter. Customs invoice is prepared by importing country where it is only needed in some countries like Canada, USA etc. By knowing complete export documents then you will not make a mistake for selling goods to abroad.


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