How to make windows faster

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Slow Start Up

Click Run in the Start menu

Type msconfig

Tab in the ‘Start Up’, Uncheck the programs you do not need

It can also use Startup Delayer program where we can set how long the program is run after our favorite boot Windows, such as instant messenger loaded in 50 seconds after the Windows start-up

Start Menu slow emergence

If the items in the Start Menu slow emergence:

Open the Registry Editor by typing ‘regedit.exe’ in the Run menu.

In the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop, search MenuShowDelay, double-click the value for it. Lower than in the Start Menu load

Right-click menu slow

Slow, perhaps because too many programs that are not needed.

Mmm can use to edit it.

Send To menu slow

Type ‘sendto’ in the menu Run, dispose of the items you want to appear on the Windows Explorer

Defrag slow

Use Defraggler. Free and work faster than the Windows have.

Windows My Computer slow loading

In Windows Explorer, click the Tools menu – Folder Options – View and Uncheck ‘Automatically search for network folders and printers’

Windows Add Remove slow loading

Use CCleaner or MyUninstaller instead

Slow if you want to turn off the program hangs

If you click End Task, the program is not automatic in-terminate. Click the Run, type regedit.exe, open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ and change the value to be 1000

Simplify the look of Windows to improve performance

Open the Control Panel

Click System

Click the ‘Advanced’

Click ‘Performance’

Click ‘Adjust for best performance’

This will make the computer fast,

Additional Tips

Use CCleaner to clean the registry entries that are not useful

Install a program that really we want to use. Do not carelessly installed.

Programs that reduce the number of roads in the System Tray.


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