The Summary of Romeo And Juliet Drama

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History of Romeo and Juliet drama story

long time ago in the city of Verona,lived two noble families,the Capulets and the Montagues.For as long as anyone cloud remember,there was much hated between the two families.Romeo,The son of Montague,who was the only wanted to make peace.

One day,Romeo heard there was going to be a feasteval at the house of Capulet.He decided to go,but no one would know who he was,When Romeo arrived there,he looked around the room,and caught sight of a girl so beautiful that he could think of nothing else.When he found out that she was Juliet Capulet’s daughter,he was stunned and fell in love.Juliet also fell in love with the young man.When she heard that he was Romeo,the only soon of Montague,she could hardly belive her misfortune.”My only love sprung from my only hate!”she said.

Later that night,Romeo was walking past the Capulets garden when he suddenly stopped. “Can I go forward when my love is here?”He decided to climb over the wall and meet with Juliet.Then he saw her standing on the balcony.Juliet had not seen him.”Romeo,Romeo!”She said to herself.”why are you Romeo?Refuse your name and I’ll no longer be a Capulet”.Romeo was filled with joy.

Romeo and Juliet Confessed their love to each other and married in secret the very next day. While Romeo was coming back from the secret wedding,he came across Tybalt,Juliet’s cousin,who had argued with Romeo’s friend Mercutio.In the fight that followed ,Tybalt killed Mercutio and then fell dead from Romeo’s sword.Romeo had to escape from Verona. Juliet’s parents told her that she should marry another man.Filled with despair,Juliet went to the priest who had married them to ask for help.He had a plan. He would make her sleep for forty hours.Her family would think she had died.Meanwhile,the priest would send a letter informing Romeo,who would then take Juliet away with him.

Summary of Romeo and Juliet charater

Willim shakespeare uses some charater are given bellow

Connt paris











Prince Escalus


This all of charaters we remember all time,up to end of the world i think we shall be remember .

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