Affordable Weddings

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Planning a wedding on a small budget requires resourcefulness and creativity. Take the time to plan the perfect ceremony and celebration within a reasonable wedding budget. There are plenty of ways to cut costs without sacrificing charm, elegance, or memorable qualities.

Affordable Wedding Dresses

Not every wedding dress is brand new. Some brides wear a beloved grandmother’s or mother’s wedding dress. An heirloom wedding dress is winsome and carries sentimental value. Some women pack and preserve their wedding dresses so that years down the road another family member may enjoy wearing it.

For those who do not have a beautiful, heirloom wedding dress that fits and looks wonderful, shop around. Sometimes the small, independently owned shops have the best deals. It is fine to look at wedding dress styles online, but no bride should purchase a wedding dress unless and until she has tried it on.

Libations for a Wedding on a Budget

Almost everyone wants to have champagne at a wedding, but champagne, wine, and beer are all that need be offered. Offering a full bar at a wedding reception costs money and is unnecessary. It will not be missed by most or all of your guests.

When planning a wedding on a budget, purchase two levels of champagne. Serve the finest champagne first. After everyone has had at least one or two glasses, then serve a less expensive champagne for the rest of the day or evening. Many guests will switch to wine or beer after the initial champagne.

Location, Location, Location and Budget Wedding Venues

Depending upon the size of the wedding and number of wedding guests, there is the “at home” option. A wedding and/or reception held at a private home of a cherished loved one can have deep sentimental significance and the use of the home is truly a gift to the new couple. Of course, it also avoids the higher price tag associated with renting a bed & breakfast or some other venue.

Some outdoor weddings are in public places that do not require rental fees, for example, the gazebo on the town green. When choosing this option it is best to check in with the town office and also to let the neighborhood know that a wedding will take place that day.

Otherwise, compare prices of different rental venues such as church or synagogue halls, nice hotel party areas, and bed & breakfast inns, or large outdoor party tents.

Being able to cut costs shows intelligence and starts the marriage on a good financial foot.


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