Are Protein Shakes Bad For You?

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Nature has blessed us with many sources of proteins such as chicken, meat, fish, eggs  and Soya beans etc but now by advanced scientific research several food supplements like protein shakes have been prepared in the laboratories on commercial level which now has become the important part of our daily life. Especially the sportsmen and persons doing hard work daily. They get energy, strength and endurance by these protein shakes as the supplements contain adequate amount of proteins that are necessary for body.

Usually it is thought by the common people that use of protein shakes is harmful for human liver or kidney being high intensity fuel for human body. Common people who are not much familiar with actual importance of the protein shakes also take it as a cause of cancer and various diseases. So a point here arises that are protein shakes bad for you? The answer is that in reality it is not. But as we know that excess of everything is bad so this is also true in case of excessive used of protein powder but by maintaining balance in use of different types of shakes we can avoid any complication in our body and can make it beneficial for health. It is also a fact that excessive use of proteins may cause human blood more acidic resulting in more release of calcium by body to neutralize the acidic effect of blood. This deficiency of calcium in the body becomes the reason for weakness of bones and in the same way excessive intake of calcium may store in human kidney causing kidney stones.

So it may be concluded from the above that protein shakes available in the market in powdered form are very beneficial provided that used moderately along with balanced diet. Food charts showing amount of proteins necessary for our health may be read out to avoid any complication. People from different disciplines of life have different requirements. For example a sportsman requires more proteins as compare to a person with no daily exercise plan or any other activity of energy consumption. Balanced use of protein shakes prevent from diseases by improving immunity system. Its bad effects are less as compared to benefits. An important point that may be considered while purchasing them form the market is that it should be according to the age, physical status and requirement of the user.


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