Effects of Childhood Obesity

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It is one of the most disturbing issues of Western Society especially United States. In the recent years it has become an outbreak in the United States. The statistics reveals alarming growth in the numbers of obese children and adults. Approximately 15% of the children in our society are fat. Childhood obesity is easy to identify but not an effortless situation to treat. If parents do not stop their fat children from bad eating habits and ask them to adapt regular exercise plan, the chances are that they may grow as obese adults. It is a fact that 30% of obese adults were obese children.  

There are many effects of childhood obesity. But before discussing its effects it would be better to know the causes of obesity. Obesity in children and young adults is related to many factors like family, nutrition, genetics and physical activities. Obese child of an obese parent has 50-50 chances of growing up to be an obese. Risk factor increases to 80%, if both the parents have obesity problem. It is evident that genetics play an important role in obesity but bad eating habits, stress, lack of exercise and some other reasons also play their part.

All major health diseases and risks are due to childhood obesity. Diseases like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Type-2 Diabetes are due to obesity. Obese children and adults can also suffer Heart Diseases. Healthy children and adults with normal weight rarely suffer these diseases. Childhood obesity not only costs physical health but has psychological effects like depression, low self-esteem and lack of self confidence. Obese children face discrimination from other children due to their inability to walk, talk or look well. They feel lonely and isolated.

One of the biggest reasons of childhood obesity is the use of excessive wrong food in daily life. Sometimes ago, Junk food was not considered as a healthy meal, but now it has become an acceptable food. Our children indulge in eating fatty foods like Pizza, Sweets, Ice Cream and Burgers etc. while watching TV to pass their free time.

Obesity is an easy place to reach but difficult place to escape from when you do not have any help. To battle obesity you must encourage your child by giving him rewards for loosing/controlling weight. Children may be given opportunities to play and make fun in the parks or open areas, so that they can loose their weight without realizing it, otherwise loosing weight is very hard. The most important point in prevention of childhood obesity is provision of balanced diet to your children.


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