Bullying in High School

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A kind of bullying that take place during education, either inside or outside of school is known as Bullying in High School. It is common in high school. Approximately 40% to 80% children suffer from bullying at any stage in their school life. Small, skinny, short or fat children are the targets of bullies. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional and is generally repeated over a period of time. In schools, bullying takes place in all places. It can happen in almost any area of the school building. Mostly it occurs in physical education, recess, bathrooms, and school buses, at bus stops and in group activities. Bullies victimize those students who are alone, weak or fat. They insult and tease their target before physical harassment. Mostly a student or group bullies another student or group. The spectators sometimes participate in the act or watch it with fear of becoming the next victim. The students who are bullied may suffer their health and schoolwork.

Bullying has many types e.g.  Physical, emotional, verbal, cyber, sexual, homophobic bullying.  It can be verbal like threatening or passing the abusive remarks. It can be physical or behavioral like hitting, pushing, stealing lunch or repeatedly holding the nose of victim. It can be social like intentionally excluding a student from social events, or spreading nasty rumours about him. It can be carried out in playground, in classroom, and in cafeteria, or by text messaging and social networking websites.

Almost every child experience bullied at one time or another. The researchers say that bullying is more than incidental or passing acts of viciousness. It occurs repetitively. It not only damages the victim’s confidence but also decreases his capability to make relationships within the group. It has some short and long term effects on the victim. The short term effects can be depression, suicide, anxiety, anger and poor academic performance. The long term effects can be feelings of revenge, insecurity, lack of trust and extreme sensitivity.

If you child becomes a victim of bullying in school, take the following measures:

  • Inform the school management.

  • Coach your child how to defend both verbally and physically.

  • If problems continue, press harassment charges against the person who is bullying you.


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