Best Movie Theme Songs

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They say that music is sound of feelings. That is why best theme songs can lift your feelings and inspire your soul. Some theme songs make a connection with the movies they’re composed for, while others become popular singles with their own identity. Let’s not forget that some of the best theme songs we heard are from TV shows. Most of the movies have original soundtracks which include a combination of songs that run in the background during the different scenes. But some movies also have a single unifying theme.

Choosing best movie theme songs is not an easy task. You have to classify the theme songs. Then, you have to pick the best of the songs before listing them here. The tastes and choices of each person differ. Some of the best theme songs ever from movies are hereunder:

–           Lord of the Rings:     It is one of the best ever composition by the musical
                                                maestro Howard Shore. The soundtrack for the trilogy has
                                                most powerful orchestral performances and won him three
                                                Academy Awards.

–           Harry Potter:             This is another proof of John Williams’ versatility.

–           The Pink Panther:     Composed by Henry Marcini, it is still one of the most
                                                celebrated and discernible tunes to date.

–           Star Wars:                 This masterpiece of John Williams is the signature score of
                                                the Star Wars Trilogy. It is considered some of the most
                                                widely acknowledged and esteemed contributions to
                                                cinema music.

Some best theme songs from the movies gained fame as singles as well. Movies like Pretty Woman Dirty Dancing had an exceptional score that became famous the movie itself, and actually increased their popularity. Apart from the movies, a number of TV shows had some exceptionally great scores to be included in the list of the best theme songs. Most of these songs were played during the opening and closing credits and remained for weeks on the top charts. Such memorable compositions include The X-Files and Hill Street Blues composed by Mark Snow & Mike Post, respectively. Theme songs will come and go, but the best ones will hang around. They will create a place in your heart and soul, and will find a way into your memory.


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