How-To create and distribute an e-book for free

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-books are a great way to distribute and sell your literary works. E-books are a lot easier and cheaper to distribute than traditional books. Why waste time trying to get your nook published and deal with payments and supply of books, when you can create and distribute an e-book among the most prominent online bookstores, all completely free of cost and completely free of stress.

To start creating your e-book, you must sign up with This is free and will only take a couple of minutes. Then you start an e-book project that you give a name and either put your real name or a handle as the author. You then upload all the text files you want to include in the e-book that are withe microsoft word or pdf files. After that you design a cover page and structure the files the way you want.

You set your own price or make it free if your goal is not to make money but to publish your ideas. Lulu distributes your e-book on amazon, B & N and Lulu’s own marketplace.As an author, you own the rights to your work. Lulu and it’s other distributors own nothing of your work.You can also print out your e-book. If you only want to distribute your e-book among a selected few, you can choose to not have it distributed and you can just email your e-book to the people you want to read it.

If you want to publish your work as a traditional novel, you could create an e-book and email it as a manuscript to your publisher to make it easier for them to see your book being published and to see how your book would look like when it is published.There are endless ways to use this free e-book creation service to as a resource to help fit your needs. In these troubling economic times, anything free is as good as gold.

An e-book is also a good way to present yourself in a professional form. I have created a portfolio using the e-book creation service that is very easy to read and looks very well made. Another plus is that the e-book can be transferred to an ipod or iphone, amazon kindle, and other portable e-book readers. It is even possible, with a little expertise, to create an online newspaper or newsletter and email it to subscribers. I have heard of people using the service to make one or two e-books a week that are in newspaper format and email them to people who subscribe to it from their blogs. Whatever you use the ebook for it is, no doubt, a valuble resource that you have at your disposal.



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