Which Engine is Best Suited to Blog

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So you have decided to create their own website, how website “blog” and just cann’t decide which cms to choose? in the network, there are many free and paid engines yes, let’s talk about free.
Development of CMS (Content management system) allows comfortable with tools to manage text and graphically materials for your website. Thanks to the system provided with the administration of the project now can take virtually any user.
And now we Let’s consider some cms that are most suitable for creating your own blog:

1. WordRress: On this day – this is the most famous cms, which is tuned to create a blog to work with this engine is used PHP and Mysql, everything cms “WordRress” allowed to get completely free of charge, and plus to this is quite a lot of plugins and free themes design . The system is quite simple to install and no special knowledge is required. But in terms of server load, the engine very powerful, on the local server will slow down but the hosting will be flying like a bird:).

2. b2evolution – A strong, a good system to create your own blog. Opportunity provided by the cms: introduction of a few blogs adnovremenno,
ie the second blog is created immediately in the admin for any blog, you can customize a theme, but there is one drawback in the system – for the Russian audience practically no plug-ins and those not.

3. Livestreet: And this particular cms is a blog and social network at once, in this system, you can create corporate online diaries. The system operates on PHP and Mysql. Installing the engine in general, but simple to pokovyryatsya in setting up the paths to files and folders. The system is free, but on the official site plugins and themes design is both free and paid.

In short, if you decide to create your own personal diary that WordRress, b2evolution – straight what you need. And what I’m about raskazal Livestreet???
It is then that I tried to install it but I did not work, but if it happened then at the moment I would be writing in the cms. But there is an alternative, as it turned out ucoz system is quite sufficient to establish, although not complete but blogosotsialnuyu network.


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