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Facebook is a social utility site that has carved a niche for itself in the world of Internet users.  There is a limitation to access this facility you must have access to the net. But in case you do have access to the net then it’s an excellent way to connect with old friends, class mates and more important make new friends all over the world. Most people make use of Facebook to keep abreast of their contacts and acquaintances both for personal friendship as well as official work.

Seeing the popularity of the site the organizers of Facebook have rolled out a new feature to help the millions of users of Facebook for contacts and friendship. This new feature is called Facebook Timeline feature.

What is Facebook Timeline? How does it help the user?

These are questions that will bug the user’s of Facebook. The basic feature of Facebook Timeline is to reorganize your data and make it easily accessible for you to refer to. For example there could be an important date like your marriage date, which could be buried in a plethora of data and information about other extraneous events. Hence searching for it will take time.

This is where Facebook Timeline comes in. You will no longer have to sift through the dates through umpteen clicks to reach your goal. This new feature of Facebook will help you get your information faster. This involves some changes in the presentation of Facebook. This was unavoidable given the magnitude of the task and also to make it easier for its users to communicate. And retrieve their older information.

Facebook with its new look is converted into a digital scrapbook. It is what is termed a data visualizing apps, which will help organize all the data stored in a users account. This is a plus point in face book and as yet the other social sites haven’t caught on to it.

Facebook has over 800 million users all over the world and this new digital page on their data will go a long way in helping its users. The new look digital Facebook has been unveiled on 30 September and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised that the new look Facebook Timeline will go a long way in catering to  the requirements of its users by presenting the important events of their life in a neat digital format. The Facebook Timeline will be further fine-tuned and expanded in the days to come, but it certainly is a welcome addition for social networkers who use Facebook.


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