Tips to Save Laptop Battery

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How long is the ability of your laptop battery last? Maybe if you understand the correct use and maintenance, usually at a height of 2 hours. But do not be surprised when just bought a laptop, battery life can last longer, but try to check again the use of your laptop battery when it was passed 4 or 5 months of usage, the ability of battery life started to shrink.Because of its small, then brought the laptop to be practical everywhere. Public places like malls, restaurants or cafes, providing additional facilities Wi-FI for those who used to hang out while online. But remember, not all public places that provide free power outlet to charge your laptop battery. If so, then that need is the ability of your laptop battery life is long enough. Maybe try it a few tips that I share, that the ability of your laptop battery life can be maintained.

• Do not use a laptop while charging the battery. Often we see them as a natural thing.Please be noticed that the electricity that goes on – constantly into the battery while in use, it will damage the ability of the battery by itself. Most appropriate way is, do not use the laptop while it is in charge. If necessary, turn off your laptop when you’re in charge.

• To use the above 2 hours, you should unplug the battery in and direct use of electricity.This proved to be effective so that your laptop battery is not too much is used.

• If we travel out of town for several days without carrying a laptop, and unplug the battery should be stored in a safe place.

• One of the components are pretty much confiscating laptop battery capacity is the use of the LCD screen. At the turn on the laptop, a lot of battery power in use for your laptop screen. The solution is setting the level of brightness (bright) and sharpness (sharp) your laptop screen. Arrange for not too bright and sharp, so it can conserve your laptop battery.

• Pemakian features that too much too much spending laptop battery life. Some brands of laptops provides the features that come on by itself when we turn on our laptops, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Better use of existing features, used manually, for example, is arranged in such a shortcut.

• One of the trivial habits (bad) is to forget to remove the pieces of compact discs from CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, when finished watching a movie or copying data. Well, when we turn on the laptop with the disc fragments that are still left in it, round which is derived from the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM was wearing a big enough battery power.

Hopefully some of these tips can be useful for you. All of the above tips simple enough, provided we want to have the determination and willingness to care for and love our laptops.


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