10 Signs of Stress

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One persons stress is another’s stride. Stress tends to be relative based on a person’s perception and response to a situation. In today’s busy world stress is so inherent in our lives that we don’t even recognize it as such sometimes. However there are certain personality traits across the board that indicates that someone is feeling some sort of stress. These are the 10 main characteristics of a highly stressed individual. By the way you need not exhibit all 10 of these behaviors to be considered stressed. For some, one of these indicators is all it takes to give them a feeling of being out of control or helpless because of pressure.

  1. Daily Over planning– When a person has a stressful schedule they tend to over plan their days from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. Many times when a person has time management stress they will plan a strict schedule to accomplish their daily activities. They also have fears of overlooking a task that is scheduled.
  2. Doing two things at once/multitasking– In an effort to get a lot done sometimes stress will make an individual do more than one thing at the same time. A stressed person’s definition of efficiency is multitasking. How ever the person tends to really never accomplish either really well. So in retrospect two half done well tasks are not the way to relieve stress, especially when they have to be done over.
  3. Need to win-Many times highly stressed individuals suffer from constant competition. They feel they always have to compete and win. There is a fear of failing if they aren’t on top. Also many times its their own expectations that in reality they are competing against.
  4. Constant reassurance/excessive desire to advance– Highly stressed people have a need to always seek approval. They constantly seek confirmation for their performances from outside sources that they are doing fine and performing well.
  5. Can’t relax without guilt– People who suffer from stress have trouble relaxing much less doing so without feeling guilty about it. They feel like they are always on duty and don’t have the right to lay back and do nothing. An example would be a person who has to find something to do on the weekends that they feel is productive; even when tired.
  6. Impatient with delays– People under stress have no patience and do not like to wait (I suffer from this one ). Stressed folks feel like its a burden that slows you down. Everything has a sense of urgency. You want to get any extra thing done as quickly as possible including waiting. There is a fear of things piling up if you don’t get through them fast.
  7. Over commitment– Stressed individuals have a tendency to spread themselves thin. They schedule things on top of one another in an attempt to get things accomplished. As a result they are always late and miss appointments from over scheduling. Also their sense of scheduling tends to cause   conflicting problems at home and at work. You cannot be at two places at once.
  8. Urgency– They are always on edge to accomplish what needs to be done right on the spot.
  9. Can’t have fun– These type of people are driven to always accomplish something. They cannot just do an activity for enjoyment.
  10. Workaholics– lastly stressed individuals tend to be workaholics. They work 7 days a week and then take work home on top of it.

If you display any of these behaviors daily it is safe to say you have stress issues. You may want to see if you can identify the source of the stress so you can work on alleviating it in some way. Living a stressful life is not healthy mentally or physically. Today there are many relaxation techniques and different things available to make your life less stressful. The key is to identify the problem before it takes a toll on you and you wind up with what is called burn out. Where stress gets so bad you fail to function at all.


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