Notion of Human Resource Development in Macro Economic Stratum: Bangladesh Perspective Part-Iii

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The overall research on this topic is actually based on desk study. It is conclusive that the HRD in Bangladesh is totally focused on the Educational Ministry solely making it as an apex body that should not be the case in practice for the sustainable development of Bangladesh. Only education is not the basic component of HRD, rather there are factors such as health, sanitation, nutrition, environment, socio-political stability and so on and so forth. Considering all these factors, the study likes to draw the following recommendations, which is an integrated approach. 

Broad Recommendations:

Based on the above desk research and secondary data, the following suggestions have come up as recommendations, which also include information from the interactive seminar

1.       Human Development in Bangladesh should be more emphasized to facilitate HRD.

2.       An integrated monitoring cell should be created in combination with relevant ministries of HRD to ensure the Strategic involvement of Government in HRD sector. 

3.       HRD should be interconnected with Social Development.

4.       Politics free educational environment in higher education is necessary to prop up HRD in Bangladesh.

5.       The organizations should consider HRD in strategic level in responding the changes of business environment.     

Specific recommendations on the basis of HRD stages:

      Human Development Stage:

1.       Development of health, nutrition, sanitation and fresh water supply sector by enhancing the involvement of NGO’s beside Government’s project.

2.       Government should encourage and facilitate the entrepreneurs in establishing private water treatment and supply plant to ensure fresh water supply.

3.       Government should encourage and facilitate the entrepreneurs in establishing private hospitals/clinic in the urban areas to ensure effective and efficient medical service.

4.       Government should involve the local government for monitoring hygienic environment in the rural areas.

5.       Government should raise a high power team to inspect the irregularities in health sector and punish the responsible. (Government’s present steps in monitoring the public food is a good example of ensuring food safety in Bangladesh)

6.       Developing an environment of people’s participation to ensure good governance in educational sectors. An independent association of parents could be formed to participate in decision making and monitoring of the education sector.

Skill Development Stage:

1.       As education sector holds the prime responsibility in human resource development of Bangladesh, Government should revise the education system and develop an international standard education system.

2.       Government should emphasize the primary education sector, as it is the base of the educational institutes, highest in number and covering the maximum areas of the country.

3.       Madrasa (Islamic Religious Institutions) education should be revised so that students understand and respect the religious value.

4.       Government should up date the curriculum of Madrasa education by inducing technical education in the syllabus so that it becomes work oriented.

5.       Government should affiliate the education of Kaommi Madras’s (Non Government Islamic Religious Institutions) so that the certified students can contribute in service and as well as in the National Development.

6.       Government should raise an independent monitoring council involving the persons from education sectors, parents, political, business and think tanks to ensure international quality education in the private academic institutions.

7.       Government and the society must try to ensure politics free academic institutions especially in the public universities to maintain a sound educational environment.

Moral and Ethical Development Stage:

1.       Government should try to provide Individual character development program to inject sense of dedication to national development, patriotism, and good ethical behavior.

2.       Ethics and Morality should be introduced as a compulsory subject in the national curriculum.   

3.       Government should patronize the voluntary organizations like Bangladesh National Cadet Corps, Rover Scout, Girls Guide, Red Crescent Society, Lions Club, Rotary Club etc to develop volunteerism among the citizens and to infuse good ethical value.                             


HRD is a never-ending process. As peoples develop themselves many obstacles come up. The world is changing techno-econo-industrially. To cope with the changing process, the individuals, organizations and the country try their level best by improving the human productive capabilities. HRD is a key factor of socio- economic development and every development should ensure HRD in Bangladesh. If we can manage our HR effective and efficiently Bangladeshis will live in harmony and prosperous lives like any other countries.      


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