Short Code For Sms Marketing Can Boost Business Profits

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What is Short Code Marketing?

SMS short code is a 5-6 digit number that people use on their mobile phone to text a keyword to. And get added to a list similar to an email list. They have become immensely popular with radio stations, television shows and organizations because they are better than long-winded and hard to remember 10 digit mobile phone numbers. An example of a five digit code used in SMS marketing could be: 57222

Interestingly, this kind of SMS marketing is not exclusively for big businesses. It can be and is increasingly being used by SME’s to local to engage audiences. In fact, it may prove cheaper and more effective than Pay Per Click or other forms of online advertising.

How is Short Code used?

Using short SMS text number prospective or current clients can be allowed to carry out a variety of actions using their mobile phones when they send a simple text message over the 5 digit number. It is commonly used to:

Companies can easily carry out any of the above marketing actions and prompt any other desired action or response they want their clients to carry out using an SMS text message. 

  • Sign up for promotions or offers

  • Enter competitions or prize draws

  • Vote for your favorite contestant

  • Complete a survey Request a call or further information,

  • Register an interest for a product, service or event

  • Apply for a discount coupon 

Why should businesses use short code SMS marketing?

There are a host of benefits associated with this kind of marketing. Some of the key benefits include: It can be used as a campaign tool for fund-raising activities, charities, donations, or for awareness creating campaigns about a particular issue. Politicians and legislators across the world use SMS, to stay in regular contact with their constituencies, voters and supporters. An innovative use is by businesses and individual alike to create virtual business cards. More information would be available when people text on the short number. Such cards help go green by saving on paper. The ultimate beauty of such kind of SMS marketing is that once a person has signed up to your number, businesses can update and remind the senders, improve networking, and offer regular services.

Conclusion: Short codes are an effective marketing campaign tool because they deliver measurable results. SMS marketing offer instant gratification and succeeds in engaging users while easily capturing important customer data and demographics. With short text SMS Code marketing campaign can boost business profit. And as for the customers, it is simpler for them to send a text message to a short, easy to memorize number than to talk personally on the phone or trouble visit a website or office in person.

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