Ten Things I Recommand You to do Before You Die

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Before I start it has to be said that you don’t have to do any of them but its just something I would like to share with you. Your life is still individual and you live it the best way you can for yourself. Often people don’t understand who is the most important in their lives. It’s YOU! You might think its your kids, husband, wife or who ever. But in the end of the day if you are gone not only your life is done but your loved ones will be left with no thing. So not just love yourself but take care of yourself for them.

Another thing I would like to say is that I’m 23 and a male. I still feel like I have to content the whole World. So if you don’t have that desires as I do. Still you should keep on reading. Maybe you get a good laugh how crazy some people are with their ideas. It might make you feel better about your life or ….

  1. Even if it’s not your thing sleep alone under the stars. I have hard time butting it into the words how amazing it is. It is as close you can get with our Mother nature. PS! In your back yard does not count.

  2. Go to airport and take a first plain out. No matter where it goes. This was certainly one of the craziest stunts I have done in my life. I flew from Tallinn, Estonia to Larnaca, Cyprus. I was lucky, cause I only had shorts and t shirt on me. Ended up spending two weeks in Cyprus.

  3. Sky diving. I bet you already knew that is coming. I can tell you that is amazing etc. But you have to be up there yourself and getting over your fear first time to jump out from that plane. This is amazing feeling!

  4. Octoberfest. Munich, Germany. It is mostly just drinking beer but its still good fun. I would not miss it in a lifetime. They say about participants 6 mil. take part of that journey every year.

  5. Swim with dolphins or sharks. It is just amazing again. Do it and you will find out. It’s not that hard anymore. Many holiday resorts have that opportunity.

  6. Live at least one month in each continent. Just to make sure its all real. Actually there is lot more in life you don’t know yet. But it is in our nature to find out. I only believe things I see with my own eyes.

  7. Take a safari in Africa. Make sure you meet some friendly tribes as well with the nature and animals. It’s so unreal how people live but how friendly they are that’s heart touching. It’s probably cause they don’t have the main source of jealousy, money! I think back that time a lot. What would they think of us, arriving with big safari cars and all dressed up from head to toe. Things that you don’t quite understand are the ones that make life worth living.

  8. Another nature trip you should take is into jungle. But make sure you will have plenty of water. I know it is said rain forests, but it gets really stiffing in there. You can’t see the sun because of the trees. But still lovely experience. I’m planning on going alone next time for a day or two.

  9. New Years eve or Halloween in New York. Amazing city with everything it has to offer.

  10. Most importantly I would say make your own list. In the end of the day it’s still you who lives your life. Take some inspiration from here if you wish but please don’t waste your life. You owe it to yourself! We all have time that planet and its limited


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