Track Calls And Sms on Your Windows Mobile Phone

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Spb Phone Suite is designed to enhance your PDA with new features, missing in the phone side of standard Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. Once installed, it’ll add phone profiles, missed call notifications, unread SMS notifications, call filtering, reject and reply with SMS, photo-dialing, photos in call log, automatic profile and these are just a few things to name! 

To start with, you will discover a powerful Today plug-in where you can see the most frequently used options, such as photo-dialing (called “photo speed dials”), counters for missed calls and SMS messages, profile manager, call filtering mode switcher, and other phone related controls and indicators. You will see all important phone related data at one glance and access any option with just one tap. Fine, isn’t it? But let’s cut to the chase.

One of the best in Spb Phone Suite and “most wanted” in Windows Mobile functions is profiles. Phone profiles allow customization of ring, alarm tones and volumes (Normal, Silent, Loud), as well as the settings for Bluetooth, WiFi and backlight. As it is with any other option in Spb Phone Suite, profiles can be customized with just a tap or two. There are also automatic profiles that get triggered on some events automatically; this includes such profiles as Headset, Car, Meeting, and Cradle. Now you don’t have to worry about triggering the silent mode for scheduled meetings. You can also set a profile to activate for a certain time interval. If you’d like to make your own custom profile in addition to the default ones, the program provide you with this opportunity. Any profile can be changed in a couple of taps from the Today screen. 

The photo-dialing option allows you to add a photo avatar to a contact in order to dial a contact with just one tap. To add an avatar, you need to go to the settings dialog or simply tap and hold on the dialer area. Spb Phone Suite lets you use 14 photo-dialing avatars on the Today plug-in. If there are no photos for a contact, you can choose a default avatar from the inbuilt collection.


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