With Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses Have a Classy Style

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Ray Ban are one among the top level designers of glasses from the 1930s, and their unique style has become imprinted on the global consciousness due to fans like Audrey Hepburn and Bob Dylan. Although technology has moved far beyond the materials available in the 30s, the customary style of the glasses has remained intact in well-known styles such as the Ray Ban Wayfarer. The Ray Ban Aviators style is as well very popular, with the latter being directly associated with the earliest kinds of glasses employed by the company.

Almost everybody knows the story of how Ray Ban Aviators were invented, but it is still worth mentioning because of the long history of those glasses. In late 1930s, the company Bausch and Lomb were commissioned to create better sunglasses for the US Air Corps. Earlier to this, several of the people on the flights had been suffering severe and permanent eye injury. Ray Ban Aviators developed to handle this problem, and created the sunglasses with this branch of the US army in mind. They were used throughout WWII, and during this period General MacArthur was photographed with a pair of Ray Bans on. This image became well known and the popularity of the Army’s sunglasses spread to the general population.

The Ray Ban Wayfarer design keeps the texture of the original, however has slightly altered the shape and size in order to provide better comfort, additionally to using a plastic frame that allows for smoother curves. Because of all these modifications, the glasses are smaller than the traditional style, and less conspicuous. There are also different sizes that could be useful for men and women, as the latter could wear the smaller ones in preference.

The Ray Ban Wayfarer frames could even be bought in a variety of different colours, so there is certainly a shape and design to suit everyone. There are the customary tortoise frames, that hark back to the 50s, and there also are lighter colours, navy or black. The creators of the Wayfarer design also has a number of interesting lens designs, so you may pick a sunglasses lens with a browny-black surface, or another with a greeny-grey colour. No matter the colour, the lens is then covered in a material to supply more protection against UV light, and to assist protect it against impact damage such as scratches or perhaps cracks. The lenses and frames are ideal for use when taking part in sports, although wearers will still need to be cautious regarding possible damage to the glasses.


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