Add A Pair Of Designer Frames To You Style Statement

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The tradition of designer glasses is now many decades old, however fashion houses are coming up with new frames every year, and there is still a big demand for them, both within the UK and within the US. More and more people are realising that with a pair of Oakley prescription glasses, or any other sort of designer frame that can support a prescription lens, they could not only get a nice pair of glasses that help their eyesight however will also get something very fashionable and attractive that they can wear regularly. Although choosing great designer lenses is one thing that everyone could do, several people are moving away from the big fashion houses like Gucci, and instead wanting to purchase their designer frames online from the purchase of names like Oakley.

There is a good reason why so many people select to purchase Oakley prescription glasses, not least because such frames are at the cutting edge not just of style, but even of technology. The design of the glasses are justifiably well-known to many wearers, but they are also created using specialist materials, intended to give you the top looking designer frames online lacking the chance of damage and wear and tear that some designer frames can face. You may seek any range of different frames in the Oakley prescription glasses range, all intended to suit you like a glove.

The reason that the Oakley prescription glasses are this helpful to the wearer is their three-point-fit. This is often a style features which means that the glasses are supposed to fit the face at three points, and only at those points. The three-point-fit makes the glasses match in these three places, once at the bridge, and again at either side of the temples. This ensures that the glasses will not rub or irritate the skin, and even that the perfect vision which you gained when the glasses were purchased remain in the same position without slipping or sliding.

The glasses even has a range of options designed to boost the functioning of the glasses once they are being worn. One of the most important features is their Impact Protection design, which ensures that the frame will protect you against high-velocity impacts, and that the lens, while a special coating is applied, will even resist a stressful impact. The frame material itself is created from a mix of various metals that are designed to endure a lot of wear and tear, along with resistance to changes caused by humidity, heat, and rain, as well as being resistant to some varieties of chemical.


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