Web Browsers

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Web Browsers

Surfing the web is extremely exciting, educational and fun expecially when using  browsers that comes with an extra ordinary feautres that helps one navigate through the webpages. This article helps you dertimine the actual browser you should use to make your work more effective and effecient.

What is a Browser? It is an application that provides a way to look at and interact with all information in the world wide web. A browser uses HTTP to make request of web servers throught out the internet.
A web browsers are used by everyone who works on computers, the user can navigate through files, folders websites with the help of browser.
                                                   Various Web browsers

Internet Explorer: Developed by microsoft in1994 and released in1995 as a supportive package to microsoft windows line of operating system. Explorer is used by majority. According to statistics, its usage share from 1999 to 2003-04 was around 95%. Since then there has been a lot of competition in the market with many software companies coming up with web browser that challanges Internet Explorer in their features and usage. The latest update was Internet explorer 8 which is a free update.


  • *Availability: Internet Explorer comes for free by default with any windows operating system distribution. All you need to do is to insatll windows and start browsing

  • *Browsing in tabs: This a new feature allowed the user to open all their webpages in the same window.

  • *Phishing filter: This one of the biggest pluses of IE, because phishing represents a huge security problems for internet users.With the last version of IE you don’t need to be afraid anymore about phishing issues.

  • * Application support: As IE was the standard of the industry, it has a support for almost every application available on the internet, and in addition, it has many useful tools based on it.

  • * Reopen last session: You know what’s the most annoying that can happen when you mistakely close your browser and lose all the tabs your working on. With IE, this doesn’t happen anymore because the new version will save them for you and reopen them the next time you   open the browser window.


  • * Speed: As we are in the speed age, IE doesn’t have this luxry. It is considered one of the slowest browsers compared to other browser like firefox and chrome.

  • * Security: This is probably the most annoying thing about internet browsers. IE is one of the main target of internet hackers, Microsoft is struggling trying to fix it’s venurablities and prevent them from stealing it’s users private information

  • * Custimazation: IE has a oto options compared to other web browsers. You don’t have enough choices to custumize your privacy settings.

Mozilla Firefox: It is owned by Mozilla Comporation and was the result of expermentation. It has undergone many name changes due to the name clashes with other products.  It was Officially annonced in februrary 2004. Since the release of Firefox the sell of internet explorer has gone down.


  • (1) It can be used in most operating systems.

  • (2)It supports tabbed browsing which allows user to open multiple site in a single window. 

  • (3) Provision of session storage which allows users to regain access to the open tabs after he has closed the browser window.

  • (4) It is highly secured to use with only in the latest version

  • (5)It’s fast enough in performing task unlike IE


  • 1.Users may experience compatibility issues when opening websites with Mozilla Firefox there are some websites that may not operate with Mozilla Firefox.

  • 2.HTML Editor Option programmers, coders and other users

  • cannot directly edit HTML using Mozilla Firefox the only options is to view the source codes whereas other browser offers the option to edit

  • 3.Initial Loading time of Miozilla Fox is a big disadvantage of internet users.

  • 4.Older version of Mozilla Firefox are susceptible to hacker access

  • 5.Mozilla Firefox does not properly read and load many types of scripts and widgets.

Safari:  A bowser from apple, Inc., wich is compatible with Mac OS X operating, Microsoft windows, and the  iphone OS. Safari was releasd by  january 2003 as a public beta.


  • (1)Voice over screen Reader, that reads aloud everything that takes place on the screen, with text and web link.

  • (2) Grammer checking, an intresting built-in feature, which performs grammar checks on typed text and gives suggestion to correct your sentence if wrong.

  • (3) Autofill which is a feature that automatically fills your online form with the help of the information stored in your address book or outlook. (4)Supports all the functions available in other web browser.

  • (5) Fast web browser                                    


  • 1.Not compatibale for all operating system.

  • 2. Updates to safari are rare

  • 3. Some websites don’t support safari

  • 4. Pop ups are rare, hard to turn off pop ups.

  • 5.Its feautres are not intresting

Opera: Was developed by Opera Software in1996. It is a well knowned browser that is mainly used in internet enabled phones PDAs, and smartphone. Operamini and Opera Mobile are the browse used in PDAs and smartphones. It’s latest version is opera 9.64

  • 1.It’s compatiable with many operating system such as solaris, linux, Mac OS X, and microsoft windows.

  • (2) Function such as zoom, ft-to-width 

  • (3) Content blocking tabs and sessions.

  • (4) Popular as a web browser in mobile devices

  • (5) Claimed to be the fastest browser in the world


  • 1. It is not a renowned computer web browser.

  • 2.Lack of plugins/extensions

  • 3. Incompactibility with several modern websites

  • 3.Slower rendering engine when compared to most modern browser, excluding Internet Explorer

  • 4. General user interface appears to be generally strange.

  • 5.Does not support all scripting languages.

Google Chrome: This web browser was developed by google. Its beta and commercial version was released in2008 for microsoft windows. The browser version for Mac OS X are under development.  The browser option is very similar to that of safari settings, location are similar to Internet Explorer 7. Has similar merits of that of safari and Internet Explorer but similar demirts with that of safari only.


  • 1. Closing tab only virtually terminates the process. If you corrupt the tab’s memspace then you will crash only that particular process.

  • 2. Popups are not blocked but they open in a minimized window

  • 3. It has a very simple design, which allows us to browse faster than any other internet browser.

  • 4. A privacy feature called ‘incognito’, which will tell the browser not to log anything,meaning you can browse privately and securely without writing any file or data into history, cookies or cache.

  • 5. It is lightweight on long term Chrome uses less memory than other browsers, memory usage is very clean


  • 1. It automatically imports all your bookmark, password etc without any prior information.

  • 2. Missing several feautres as bookmark management, password management, status bar which let’s us know if something has been done by the browser etc.

  • 3. Poor tab management, does not support multiple rows and once you have 20+ tab opens things get crowded and you can not see anything in the tab bar.

  • 4. Missing extensions unlike Mozilla Firefox

  • 5. This is just a first public beta of a browser, so do not expect it to properly render every and all webpages.

Netscape Navigator: Developed by Netscape communications Coporation and was popular in the 1990s. Compatiable with almost every operating system. Since 2002 it has almost disappeared from the market place due to strong competions in the market which eventually none survived although they undergone several versions changes.


  • 1.It has website building utility

  • 2.Supports multiple operating system and javascripts unlike other browsers

  • 3.Multiple profiles netscape navigator let you set up  multiple user and computer profiles, so if you share your computer with others the other parties can’t access. Your personal bookmarks and settings.

  • 4.Multiple Tabbed windows has the ability to open multiple tabbed windows

  • 5. Built-In search engine that let’s you key a particular website name in the address bar and locate and access the page’s full address.


  • 1.Netscape navigator strips HTML coding and converts it to plain text which wouldn’t allow one to study or modifies the code.

  • 2.Older version of netscape navigator (version 5.0 and below) tend to stop responding if a website contains advanced programming features.

  • 3. No new updates, updates and security patches for netscape navigator are no longer available, since the program was discontinued in Februrary 2008.

  • 4.Can not meet up with our modern task.

  • 5. No longer compactible with most software.

             September2011, Web Browser Usage:
Internet Explorer 38.9%
Firefox 25.0%
Google  chrome 20.9%
Safari 8.0%
Opera 2.7%
Mobile browser 6.7%


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