Samsung Nexus Review

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone who offer Android 4.0. The name of this operating system is ice cream sandwich and has many advantages over other. to launch this operating system, every company tries hard to get this OS but in the last only Samsung was the one who succeed to get and successfully launch this OS in their smartphone. 

This operating system is basically the combination of two operating system Gingerbread and Honeycomb, one for smartphone and the other one for tablets.

With this operating system Samsung Nexus S offers AMOLED HD screen, HSPDA, NFC support, dual core processor 1.2GHz and 5 MP camera.

This smartphone has 135g and offers us dimensions 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9mm. Similarly it offers the size of the screen 4.65 inches in which it offers 720 x 1280 pixels.

When we look at the front part of this smartphone, it has no buttons. While on its sides, it has power/standby button on right, volume on right with three charging pins. On this bottom side it has headphone jack and a charge socket.

This is not over, this smartphone where offers rear facing camera, it also has front facing camera and a brightness sensor as well.

This smarphone is successful in market point of view and Ice Cream Sandwich took major part in it. Due to this reason it comes with iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 800.

This smartphone when a user looks and examine it, felt that it was the same as previous one with some modification and this is the reason Android users like us and spend some time to know about it.

When we talk about the home screen of this smartphone, feature of navigation is now not provided as home button. On the front screen, there are no buttons expect three and are at the bottom of screen. The functions of these buttons are back, home and multitasking.

Now we have more space than before to enjoy. Google Nexus ships with many new and interesting types of wallpaper and by analyzing we can tell that this new operating system has more features from Honeycomb then Gingerbread.

In it the contacts have been rewritten and are in new look. The new look of it is very light and provides us more comfort than any other. 


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