Depth Series Android OS Released To Date And The Legend

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Set the depth of the Android operating system released to date, and caption

Hello all friends, this time I want to talk more about the mobile operating system that is currently on the rise and so on by several different groups keunggulanya, flexible and able to meet our own uprek, especially if it is not the operating system Android. This is included in the operating system Linux OS developed by Google, as I wrote in the first post “What is Android?” So how many games / levels of Android? well here.

As we know that currently the most popular OS, Android, due to various fiturenya, completeness, and can support different applications that are highly available in the Android Market.

Android actually exists since 2009, and the development of rapid change, but mngkin yet we know in Indonesia. ok this is that the levels of the single set of Android, each named with the name of his series on the cake:

First Android version 1.1

Statement dated February 9, 2009


The user interface
Standard program, alarm, messaging
Voice search (voice search)
Gmail to send messages, and email notifications.

2. Version of Android 1.5 (Cupcake)

It is the development of version 1.1, Android interface has been improved and adding animation effects. A major innovation in terms of multimedia.
Magdalena was released April 30, 2009


Capable of recording and video
Can download Picasa and videos on Youtube (Youtube and Picasa is the “product” of Google)
Equipped with flexible keyboard AutoFill
Encourage the use of Bluetooth A2DP
There is a new widget on the desktop and follow the model
Additional options on the website, web-based glasses

3. Android 1.6 (Donut)

Android 1.6 v in many new developments in systems and network connectivity.
Released September 15, 2009


Already there is integration between camera, video camera, and photo gallery
The addition of the multiple selection feature for feature photo gallery
Advanced capabilities for voice search and voice dialing development
Development of a search for bookmarks, contacts and web sites and search speed
Improved technology CDMG network (EVDO), Wi-Fi, gesture, and text-to-speech
Supports the screen with a WVGA resolution
Application of enrichment from Android Market
Hp types that use this version: SE X8, X10, X10mini, X10minipro, LG, Samsung Spica, Samsung Galaxy S, etc

4.  Android Version 2.0/2.1 (Eclair)

This release updates a great experience in terms of optimization in terms of hardware and software.
Released December 3, 2009


Use of the new browser and supports HTML5
Google Maps 3.1.2
Microsoft Exchange
The camera and digital zoom
MotionEvent development of multi-touch track events
Virtual keyboard
Bluetooth v2.1
Optimized hardware speed
The ratio N / B at a higher background and supports high-resolution
Hp types: Samsung Galaxy 5, etc.

5. Android version 2.2 (frozen yogurt / Froyo)

Android version 2.2 (Froyo) is a development version of Android version 2.0 Eclair.
Published May 20, 2010, fixed 20 June 2010


The performance of faster hardware.
You can install applications on external memory.
Supports Adobe Flash 10.1
WiFi functions can be stew.
Based on the automatic update in the Android Market already exists.
Hp type: Huawei U8150, LG E720, etc.

6. Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Dirilispada in October 2010.


the addition of an online music store in the market.
Changing the user interface.
support a higher level of resolution.
Improvements to copy-paste.
Not every phone can be upgraded to version 3.0, the minimum specifications that can be upgraded to a gingerbread version is: The ability of the 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, screen 3 , at least 5 inches diagonally.

7. Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Version of Android is not yet released, is scheduled for October 2010.


addition of an online music store in the market.
Changing the user interface.
support a higher level of resolution.
Improved copy and paste.
Not all phones can be updated to version 3.0, the minimum specifications that can be upgraded to a version of gingerbread is: The capacity of 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, screen 3, at least 5 inches diagonal.

8.Android Honeycomb

Android OS known as Honeycomb is an operating system designed specifically for tablet devices and Motorola Xoom is the first device, which operates from the beginning. Android supports a screen size larger. Honeycomb user interface is also different, because it was designed for tablets. Honeycomb also supports multi-processors and acceleration (Hardware) graphics. The first tablet is made by running the Honeycomb is the Motorola Xoom.


Losses that are not Windows
Easy access to your Gmail account more “action bar”
Supports three-dimensional graphics
Able to see more detailed Google Map service and in three dimensions.
Additional business features
Full virtual keyboard

This series was released Android to date and I am sure will be many more Android series, there seems to be much more to add fiturenya. should not be ketanggalan Android today … ..

Ok, so it can be useful.


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