Should You Purchase the Nintendo DSi?

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If you are a Nintendo fan, you have probably considered running out and purchasing their latest hand held video game, the Nintendo DSi. Similar to the DS and DS Lite this next generation video game has some added features that are sure to please. While Nintendo has produced a great product in the DSi, they have also removed a few features that could very well impact the decision to buy for some gamers.

If you own a DS or DS Lite, you will know that you can play both Nintendo DS games and Gameboy games. The DSi doesn’t comes equipped with the second slot to play Gameboy games. If you are a lover of the older Gameboy games, you may not want to run out and make this purchase. A lot of hardcore gamers also appreciate the ability to play what’s called “homebrew.” These are games that are created by individuals and downloaded online. While there are a lot of great homebrew games out there, the homebrew world hasn’t quite caught up to the DSi just yet. While this will change with time, as of April, 2009 all of the cartiridges that were able to play homebrew games have been tested and are not compatible with the Nintentdo DSi. With time this will certainly change, so while it may not be a deciding factor, it may delay your purchase somewhat.

The great news is, if neither of those things matter to you, the Nintendo DSi is a great system. It’sa slightly larger in length than the DS Lite, but it’s lighter and slimmer. The dual screens are larger and brighter than before as well. The menu setup on the DSi is very similar to the Nintendo Wii and that makes it very easy to navigate. Not only can you play games, but you can also browse the Internet, listen to music, and take pictures.

The DSi has the same game slot as the DS Lite and is compatible with most DS games. Like the Wii, you also have the option of downloading games online through the DS Shop Channel. The DS Shop uses points similar to Wii point and allows you to make purchases directly from your DSi. (If you purchase the DSi before October, 2009 you also recieve 1000 free points from Nintendo)

The added camera is probably the coolest feature of this new hand held game. You have the ability to take pictures from the outside portion of the DSi, as well as take pictures of yourself while you have the DSi open. The pictures are saved by date and there is even a calendar that will show you what pictures were taken on any given day. There are 11 different lenses to choose from, so you can take pictures in many different styles including a mirrored image and a distorted image. Once you take a picture you can also alter it right on your DSi. There are numerous options to choose from when altering your photos and it makes the camera a fun feature to play with.

The DSi also plays music and records audio. One cool feature about the DSi sound program is that you aren’t only listening to music or recording sound. You can also play with the sound and alter it as you wish. You can make your voice sound like a parakeet talking or even sound as if you are talking through a box fan. It’s a fun feature to play around with and kids especially enjoy it. You can listen to your own music using the added SD card slot that is included in the DSi.

Overall, the DSi is a great product and gives you more options that you are bound to enjoy. If you are a gamer who loves the Gameboy andhomebrew games, you will still love the DSi in addition to your DS Lite! The DSi makes a great addition to any video game collection!


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