52 Cute And Girly Twitter Names Ideas!

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52 Cute and Girly Twitter Names Ideas!

Get your favorite Twitter name by mix and matching these cute words! You can also use these usernames on any social networking site such as Facebook and MySpace.  Basically you can use them on any online site where you want to have a cute username!  You can also use them as your cute email address.  Cuteusernames are fun!  You can use them as your username on forums, blogs, chats or even as your cute pen name!

You can have a lot of name variety from these words.  If you have another cute word in your mind, you can match it up with any of these and see if you like the sound of that name.  To make your name even more unique, add a number, a character like a dash, hyphen or period.

Aside from that, these names and words also make cute page titles for a girly scrapbook.

anime girl

bling bling girl

brandy cakes


candy cakes


chic chick

chic luv

chick love

chick luv


cookie bear

cookie pie

cute anime

cute bubbles

cute power


cutie anime

cutie city

cutie cookie

cutie land

cutie popsicles

cutie pupz

cutie smiley

dream weaver

fuzzie bear

fuzzy bear

fuzzy cakes

i love cute

i luv cute

kitten love


love power

pink and purple

pink berrie

pink berry

pink power

pink star




pop star


princess bee


pumpkin pie

sweet spice

sweet cakes

sweet cutie

the original cutie



Hope you were able to pick a username idea from my suggestions above.

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