Unsafe Waters

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For a while now the news has been filled with stories of pirates over taking ships passing close to Somolia. This past week has been no different, except this time those pesky pirates overtook an American ship.

The Maersk Alabama was over powered a few days ago and when the twenty manned crew started fighting back the pirates ran for their dingy. They did not leave without Captain Phillips surrendering to try and maintain the safety of the rest of his crew.

With the pirates back in their dingy beside the cargo ship Maersk Alabama they are dead in the water from being empty on fuel. As they sit there and contemplate what to do next. The USS Bainbridge arrived and is now sitting close by with helicopters and rescue vessells close by.

The FBI negotiators have also been recruted also. Apparently there are more than twelve nations involved in the protection of this area because of the over taking of ships passing by.

It seems that it is easy for these hoodlems to over take these slow moving vessells and they seem to be able to do so with out being noticed because the ships are large, slow and not manned by a large crew.

The Maersk Alabama was on its way to Kenya to off load their cargo of aide for the area when they were attacked. It seems these villians dont seem to care why or where the passinf ships are going, but it seems it is counter productive with making demands on ships that are there to help their home country.

Pirates are pirates and all they seem to care about it themselves. They dont seem to care about their captives which have been many, only that their demands are met or murder is not an issue either.

With an American Captain being held hostage negotiations were under way when one of the pirates threw the phone over board. The Captain tried to escape and jumped over board but was recaptured by the pirates and still remains on board their vessell till date.

The Alabama sailed away from the pirates life boat on Thursday and a group of Navy Seals who are armed boarded the ship. The Alabama is also being helped by FBI negotiators to try and help the pirates agree to realease Captain Phillips.

The outcome of all of this is unclear, but with so much military activity in the area lets keep our hopes alive. These criminals need to be stopped. Although it seems everyones goal at the moment is the safety of Captain Phillips. When this issue is resolved lets hope all of the armory that is on this mission takes care of these pirates once and for all.

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