Life Insurance Protects Clients or Economic Value ?

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I’ve listened to the opinion of some people about life. Some say: “Life is God’s business. Insuring our soul means precedes the will of God. “

So roughly. And in fact, is quite a lot of people who are allergic to hear the word ‘insurance’. Funny thing is, those who are allergic to this life insurance did not hesitate to insure a car, motorcycle or houses they have.

Hence, it is not surprising if the majority owners of motor vehicles to protect the economic value of the vehicle with insurance, while only about 3% only Indonesian who consciously protects himself with the economic value of life insurance.

Actually, not life insurance to protect our souls. But rather to protect the economic value ourselves. For example, if this time we are able to provide 900 dollars every month for our family a decent living, then life insurance helps us to ensure that the economic life of our family with 900 dollars expenditure could be kept awake, ‘even if’ something happens that causes us no longer able to produce that amount of money. We do not expect ‘something’ was happening.

But who could ensure the future?

Therefore, try to ponder: If the economic value of a car or a house we just protected, why do not we protect the economic value ourselves? Whether a car or a house more valuable than ourselves?

If our employees, try to check whether the company where we work is to provide life insurance for us. Companies were good usually provide life insurance for his employees. But there are two things we need to do:

First, ask your human resources department, whether the insurance provided is only valid as long as we work at the company, or it could proceed alone if we stop working.

In general, if employees resign or retire, then life insurance will automatically be disconnected. Therefore, consideration should be to buy their own insurance. Unless we plan to continue working as a professional.

However, to consider as well, if we retire, whether protection could be taken away as a retirement package or not.

Secondly, if the company has been providing life insurance that we can manage your own (can be taken away and resumed his own) then it may be time to do financial planning or school fees of children in the future.

Indeed there are people who prefer to save each month in the bank, and not taken-take. It does not matter if we can be disciplined way. But if not, maybe insurance education can be a way out.

Apart from that, education has the advantage of insurance protection side, which is not owned by the education savings.

The principle is: if there is ‘something’ on ourselves, then our children still get guaranteed financing of education in accordance with what we have planned.

Although we are not interested in buying an insurance policy, we need not hesitate to consult with an insurance agent. There is no harm if we understand the mechanism of financial planning model.

At the very least, we can compare it with financial planning strategies that we are currently running. Although we do not buy insurance policies from them, they are usually happy to help us to design our long-term financial plan. That is, we can get a free consultation about our financial planning. Not bad right?

Currently many insurance combined with investment. So, you will get the benefit of protection, while viewing portion of the money you pay as a savings or investment which continues to grow and develop.


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