Jane’s Addiction – Three Days DVD Review

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Ugh…as a Jane’s Addiction fan I immediately bought myself a copy of this DVD. I hoped for full performances of their songs but I only got some long snippets of their awesome gigs. Dave Navarro’s tone is killer. Though he used different guitars, his guitar tone is somewhat vintagey, more of a classic tone with new distortions. Flea’s bass playing is awesome as ever. You can get hyped with his performance in and out of stage. Some footage reveals Dave and Flea jamming on practice amps before a show. You can get captivated by Perry’s charismatic preachings about love backed with Stephen’s consistent percussions. The film focuses on Jane’ Addiction’s being a band on tour. What it’s like being them, the personalities of the members, and how they merge to give a best performance every time they play. It was also interesting to know what goes on their heads and what relevance their songs have. Their songs mostly talks about love and self awareness and life. Some songs on the film that stood out from early fans of Jane’s Addiction are “Coming down the Mountain” and “Jane Says”. These two songs quite rocked the whole DVD film. It worked for me. It also shows a performance with erotic girls dancing on the background, Perry and Dave kissing each other as well as the dancing girls. Definitely not for the kids. This only shows that all the band members are such eccentric personalities. They truly are servants of the art of music and life.


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