Is it Possible to Make Money Online? The Truth ..

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It’s a real story of a person who entered into the online world 6 years back in search of making money online.

He had same questions as you have now as a newbie. Is it really possible to make money online?

And then he went on surfing in the search of truth .

And now almost 6 years of his online journey he is making a good amount of money online .

Yes its possible to make money online . And the person i am talking about is me .

There are literally 1000 ways to make money online .

I will tell you a few of them in this post and everyday i will be adding more ways in my other articles i will keep adding to Bukisa.

So lets start with a briefing of the ways to make money online.

1. GPT’S= Get paid to sites

These sites offer various wasy to  make money online like get paid to read, get paid to post, get paid to write, get paid to promote, get paid to complete offers etc.

2. HYIP’S = High yield investment programmes

Most of the times HYIP’S are scams so better stay away from them.

3. Google adsense

You need a website or blog to put ads by google on your site and whenever any click is generated you get paid.

4. Affiliate marketing

Promoting other products and getting paid a commision when sells are generated.

5. Selling on ebay

6. Selling digital products that you create.

There are sites like clickbank where you promote your own digital products.

7. Writing articles on sites like this bukisa.

These are just few of the thousand ways to make money online.

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