7 Animal Massacre Cases

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Some people do not respect the animal. They think that the human has right to live in the world than the animal. They butcher the animal for food or money. Some

1. Cattle, ram, boar, and chicken

In Nepal, there is Ghadimal Festival that sacrifices so many animals such as cattle, ram, boar, and chicken. The animal protector organization has protested the festival to Nepal Government but the government has not respond the protest. They do not forbid it because it is the ritual heritage.

2. Java Rhino in Vietnam

Ujung-Kulon.jpg The population of Java Rhino is only 40-60 in Indonesia and Vietnam.  The hunter hunt the Rhino for its horn that price is $ 30,000 per kg. People believe the horn can cure some diseases like cancer.

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3. Denmark whale Faroe Island

536px-Eubalaena_glacialis_with_calf.jpg Faroe Island people butcher the whale periodically. They herd the whale to the beach and kill them on the beach. They use the long knife to kill the whale. You can imagine the blood will make the beach red. The government allows this tradition.

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4. Green Turtle in Bali 

800px-Green_turtle_swimming_over_coral_r Bali people believe that eat the green turtle is a part of the ritual. It is a prestige to cook the green turtle. However, some bad people eat the turtle for pleasure. 

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5. Australia Camel


The population of camel is booming in Australia. They can multiple due the large savanna. In Australia, Camel has no predator.

Around 1.2 million camels will be killed by an Australia company. Australia accuse the camel produce so much methane. In my opinion, they do not have to kill the camel but they are better to donate the camel to other country such as Indonesia, Arabia, or African country. Some African people will be please to receive the Australian Camel.

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6. Dolphin

800px-Dolphin_Sashimi.jpg Dolphin is an intelligent sea mammal. It is close to the human. Some dolphin helps people in the sea. They dare to hit shark to protect human.

In Japan, at least 19.000 dolphin have been killed in Japan. Like Faroe Island people, the Japanese has heritage in killing the dolphin.

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7. Orangutan

Orangutan.jpg Hundreds Orang Utan has been kiled at Kutai Kertanegara last month ago. An accused plantation employs the local people to kill Orangutan and monkey. Orangutan often broke the young palm oil plant. Before the Orangutan killed, the hunter tortures it. The hunter strikes the head of the Orangutan with club. Some Orangutan has been beheaded. I have seen the tortured Orangutan in television. Now, The Indonesian police investigates the Orangutan massacre. They collect the evidence to proof the case.

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