How to Make Boring Life Interesting Again: Eat, Play, Love

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Think, back when you were a kid how much fun was there. Of course, it was far from a perfect existence, after all we still had to deal with the parents and/or other authority figures, but how much excitement was there and magic all the same. As we grow older, things slowly begin to change and not always for the better. We become disillusioned, we take everything too seriously, we worry. We worry about the people in our life, we worry about our finances, our job, we worry about the health, the environment, etc. We spend too much time worrying and too little time playing, and even when we do play our seriousness takes all the fun out of it, making it something dull and strained. We can’t loosen up and go back to childlike playfulness unless we drown first in alcohol. It is quite depressing.

The good news is it is up to us to determine what sort of life we are going to have. We can opt for boring existence, or we can choose to have the interesting life instead. To have a boring life you don’t really have to change anything, just keep up the good work you’ve been doing so far, but if you choose the other kind of life, well, there are few challenges we need to face.

The first step is to adopt healthy diet, for it is extremely hard to be positive and playful when we are sick. Food has the ability to put us in certain moods, create maladies or heal, supercharge us with the positive energy, even change our genetic makeup, thus changing on a molecular level who we are. Pay careful attention to what you put into your body.

Every day you must have dedicated time for play. You can play with your kids, your pets, your friends and family, or even total strangers. Remember when you were a kid how uninhibited you were, you could come up to perfect strangers and with an ease start a conversation, making new friends instantly. There was no fear, no worry. You must find your way back, rejuvenate yourself, get in touch with that playful side of you. Get rid of that old, stifling seriousness, turn everything into a game.

You must laugh. Scientists have long ago established that laugh is therapeutic, it prolongs life, improves health, charge us with positive energy. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and others. Don’t neglect comedies, and comic shows.

You must dream. Don’t let life beat you into submission. You can be anything you want to be, you will always have everything you need, keep working towards realization of your goals.

You must learn again to love people. It is true, there are a lot of silly folks out there, and you no doubt met the majority of them, but think about it rationally, we need them, we wouldn’t survive without them! We can’t possibly have everybody be the president or an astronaut. We need all kind of folks doing all sorts of jobs, have respect and appreciation for the contribution these folks make to our society. Most importantly we must learn again to give affection and love, learn to trust people.


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