Seeing From Near Windows Mobile 2003 For Pocket PC

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Microsoft kicked off the world of Pocket PC by holding
massive overhaul of the operating system, multimedia applications,
Internet and communications systems on Windows Mobile 2003.
Making the Pocket PC vendors, such as Toshiba, HP,
ViewSonic, and Dell, moved quickly to announce the latest product
those that support Windows Mobile 2003. Microsoft also
stating that the Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC has
best performance and far more stable than the version
before. Windows Mobile 2003 is the third version of the serial
operating system for Pocket PC that has Microsoft issued.
Previously Microsoft has instituted Windows Pocket PC 2000
in April 2000, and Windows Pocket PC 2002 in October
This paper tries to summarize and review the operating system
Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 from various viewpoints.
Featuring the new features provided, and how far
improvements made by Microsoft. It is expected that users and developers
Pocket PC can understand thoroughly, before deciding to move or do
Car upgrade to Windows 2003 for Pocket PC.
What’s New Operating System
One of the major changes in Windows Mobile 2003 that may not be too apparent to
end-user is on the operating system. If the previous version (Windows Pocket PC 2002)
using Windows CE 3.0, so this time used the Windows CE operating system 4.2.Some
testing and benchmarking conducted by Pocket PC Magazine proves that Windows
CE 4.2 is more efficient and responsive than previous versions. Windows CE 4.2 as well
fully supports the technology. NET, in particular. NET Compact Framework. In addition, Windows
CE 4.2 also has a feature that supports a keyboard for Pocket PC devices, either built-in
as well as add-on.
Published InfoKomputer Magazine, August 2003
What’s New in Communications Systems and Networking Applications
Wireless Network Connection Methods
If Windows Pocket PC 2000 only provides two methods of connection
to the network or other device, namely the cable and infrared. Now
with Windows Mobile 2003 you can make communication
wireless (wireless) with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. New features offer
ease of use when compared to Windows
Mobile 2002 which tend to be “half-hearted” support the communication
wirelessly. Several types of Pocket PC devices can even function
as a cellular phone with this new operating system support.
Wizard Support and Ease of Connection
Microsoft Connection Manager to improve the function, adding a connection Zero Configuration
for Wi-FI (plus the security support for 802.1x), and Ethernet connections.Bluetooth
Manager of the Partnership Wizardnya also provided. So simply by installing
communication device, then the program wizard will guide you in configuring
LAN and Internet connections. Connection settings are saved so that next time when you
again entered the territory of the wireless network, the Pocket PC you will be connected automatically.
This feature allows you to bring your Pocket PC to move from one network to
other. Windows Mobile 2003 also lets you connect your Pocket PC device with
easy to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), 802.1x, IPSec L2TP VPN, SSL 128-bit and 12bit
Capi encryption.
IPv6 Support
Windows Mobile 2003 also supports Internet Protocol Version 6.0
(IPv6). IPv6 is the latest generation of Internet protocols that are currently
began to be used in developed countries (especially Japan), and
in the future will be more widely used as
The new Internet standards.
ActiveSync 3.7
Microsoft also released the latest version of ActiveSync (version
3.7) as a software application to synchronize and exchange
data between Pocket PC and desktop / laptop. ActiveSync 3.7 can
installed on PCs that have Windows operating system:
Windows NT SP6, Windows 98, Windows 2000 SP2, Windows
ME, and Windows XP. ActiveSync 3.7 supports synchronization
data in Outlook 98/2000/2002, and all applications in Office
New in Multimedia and Internet Applications
Along with the development of Pocket PC devices is growing rapidly in data processing and
use a better display, multimedia applications and the Internet in the form of music, games,
images and video will become commonplace on Pocket PC devices. And Microsoft has
preparing an important platform supporting multimedia future by improving
multimedia and internet applications on Windows Mobile 2003nya.
Published InfoKomputer Magazine, August 2003
Windows Media Player 9
Important improvements in the Windows Media Player 9 which
fully supports Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series
Codecs. Besides the ability to enhance the audio compression
by 20% and 50% for video compression, as well as improvements
the user interface made similar to Windows XP.
Microsoft’s fix for buffering the video function
increase in streaming, allowing you to
play video streams to the size of 300k.
Pocket Internet Explorer
Microsoft also improved Pocket Internet Explorer application
on a large scale. Latest version of Pocket Internet Explorer
supports HTML 4.0, XML, XHTML, Cascading Style
Sheets (CSS), WML 2.0, JScript 5.5, and animated GIF.
Significant improvements in memory management causes
Pocket Internet Explorer works faster than the version
before. Microsoft also added support for the
WTLS, UAProf, and WAP 2.0.
Picture processing application is the application of image file format. JPG, which has the ability
display it in thumbnail or full screen. It also features the manipulation
image files such as edit, rotate, crop, slideshow, zoom, contrast settings, color, etc.. Application
Picture It also supports memory card format DCIM on digital cameras. Simply by
insert CF or SD card into your Pocket PC, then you can view and edit your photos
or send them via email.
Jawbreaker Game
Besides Solitaire games, Microsoft added also called Jawbreaker puzzle game on
Windows Mobile 2003. Jawbreaker game itself is not new, the original software
named Bubblets developed by Oopdreams. How to play is to try to
remove the existing bubbles by choosing the same color. And the game will go to
The next level if you’ve managed to clean the screen of bubbles earlier.
Or the game is finished if you fail to choose the same color that resulted in full screen
with bubbles.
Pocket MSN
On Windows Mobile 2003, application MSN Messenger, MSN Hotmail, Alerts, and Mobile Web
incorporated in a single package called Pocket MSN application. Application integration is very
easier for users especially those that frequently use its services from MSN.
Pocket Outlook
Microsoft also make improvements to the Pocket Outlook applications. With Windows Mobile
2003 you can add a contact (contact) and the events on the calendar (calendar) with
use standard vCal and VCard format. This format is used on email to send
contact or appointment information. VCard Once accepted, you can add the sender of data
to contact you easily. While the vCal data normally used to set the schedule
your appointment. You can also do editing on the appointment at the time
different without the need to make an exception. Microsoft also has made improvements
significant effect on the appearance and arrangement of the color of the calendar.
For Developers Pocket PC Software
Especially for the programmers and software developers Pocket PC, Microsoft also has
Published InfoKomputer Magazine, August 2003
provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Mobile 2003. With the SDK
This latest version you can develop applications using Windows Mobile 2003
Embedded Visual C + + 4.0 and Visual Studio. NET 2003 (C # programming languages ​​handle links and
Visual Basic. NET). Complete information about the SDK for Windows Mobile 2003 application is
can you get from the site:
Premium and Professional Edition
Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC is available in two editions: Professional Edition and Edition
Premium. In this second edition are: Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, MSN Messenger, Pocket
Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 9 Series for Pocket PC, and Pocket MSN. Special Edition
Premium, added the Microsoft Reader software, Terminal Services Client, and Pictures
(Editor and viewer for image files). Premium Edition requires a ROM (Read Only Memory)
a minimum of 32MB, while the Professional Edition with just 16MB of ROM.
Pocket PC devices that support Full Windows Mobile 2003
Some vendors have been issued under the new Pocket PC products that support their
Full Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Pocket PCs
Along with the release of Windows Mobile 2003, Hewlett-Packard (HP) introduced the
four new Pocket PC: iPAQ h1940, h2200, h5100, and h5500.
Dell Axim X5 Pocket PCs
Dell continued development of Pocket PC which known as the Dell Axim X5 series, and
all products will be sold X5 handle links operating system using Windows Mobile 2003.
Toshiba e750/e755 and e350/e355
Toshiba also announced that it will issue an updated version of Toshiba products e750/e755
and e350/e355.
Other Pocket PC vendors, such as: Gateway, JVC, and ViewSonic will also have mengumungkan
issued a new product that uses Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.





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