Jaisalmer Hotels – Five Star Luxuries

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Rajasthan, known in the all over world for its brutal and self-important race of people, is also known far and wide for its highly considerate population. There are a lot of number of five star luxury hotels in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer, at one time had no tourists hammering in and it was just another city in the insensitive deserts of water waterless Rajasthan.

This sleepy city transformed itself into a tourist attraction due to the arrival and fascination of foreign tourists who became charmed by the picturesque Thar Desert & the various attractions Jaisalmer had to offer. The most important attractive Jaisalmer fort is the major tourist attraction as it is entirely made up of sandstone, and is known locally as ‘Sonar Quila’. The arrival of tourists helped in converting many old mansions within the city into luxury hotels.

Jaisalmer hotels include many kind of five star hotels like the Gorband Palace, Dhola Maru, Fort Rajwada, Deoki Niwas Palace, Deoki Niwas Palace, Heritage Inn, Himmatgarh Palace, Jaisalgarh, Mahadev Palace and Rang Mahal to name a few. This is remarkable that you’ll notice at first sight on landing at the entrance of a five star hotel in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Although Jaisalmer is not a conventional city in the country, its hospitality and tourism sector is without a doubt among the best in all over Rajasthan.

The Deoki Niwas Palace is a deluxe luxury & comfortable for family hotel located at Jethwai Road. It’s opportunely located and provides easy access to the airport, bus and railway station. With over 40 rooms at the disposal of guests, this hotel looks like a castle and is built entirely from sand stone (the kind that’s Jurassic yellow). The hospitality services are exemplary, and guests can experience world class facilities. The perfectly designed and decorated rooms of the palace are a delight to guests who have never before experienced what royal life would be like.

Gorbandh Palace has 67 rooms to let out and has been constructed entirely of yellow sandstone with carved balconies cut intricately adorning the palace. This hotel lies on the way to the Sam Sand Dunes. Guests of this luxury hotel will find that they are surrounded by peace and have world famous havelis, a stone’s throw away. There is a central courtyard and the surrounding rooms are all fully air-conditioned along with all modern amenities. Guests are treated to a night of dance and folk music by the fire in the courtyard.

Five star hotels in Jaisalmer have only one aim: ‘To Treat Their guests like Royalty’ and true to this word, they go out of their way to make their guest’s vacation a truly memorable one.

There are numerous Jaisalmer hotels that are located in old palaces and havellis. The palaces have a limited number of rooms and the rooms are designed with the old Rajput interiors and many of the old paintings and sculptures can be found at the palaces. The heritage hotels have spacious rooms and they are designed for the ultimate luxury that is befitting to a king.

Some of the heritage hotels that are located in Jaisalmer are the Jawahar Niwas Palace, Jai Castle, Mandir Palace, Nanchana Havelli, Dhola Maru, Deoki Niwa Palace and The Narayan Niwas Palace. Most of the heritage hotels are catered to the leisure traveler and guests are pampered with the ultimate level of luxury. Many of the hotels have retained the original interiors of the Havellis and palaces and these buildings are similar to what they were the Rajput times.

The Hotels in Jaisalmer city have delicious restaurant facility and you can have your dining here. Take pleasure in some Rajasthani dishes.


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