Wildlife in Rajasthan With Different Colors

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Rajasthan is a state of varied treasures. One the one hand you have the greenery and on the other, you have the desert.  Because of the fertile land in this state, it has some of the famous national parks and these include the Sariska tiger reserve and Ranthambore national park. There is also a bird sanctuary by the name Bharatpur bird sanctuary. You can have a wildlife tour to Rajasthan if you are an adventure lover. Before starting the adventure tour, it is better if you have a diary containing the map of Rajasthan in your pocket.

You can be a wildlife enthusiast and love to explore the national parks in various spots in Rajasthan.  The first to discuss is the Ranthambore national park. This is located in the district of Swai Madaopur in the district of Rajasthan and is one of the principal attractions is the bird and tiger population. When you talk about the fauna in the Ranthambore National park, you have the leopards, striped hyenas, tigers, deer, sambar, nilgai, hanuman langurs, jackals, caracals, jungle cats, sloth cats, yellow bats (common), five stripped squirrels (palm), palm civets also called as toddy cats, desert cats, yellow bats, Indian false vampire, flying foxes ( India), mole rats, Indian porcupines and much more. There are many different species of reptiles found in the park. This park is an important part of Rajasthan tourism.

Sariska tiger reserve is located on the mount Aravali range. It is a globally acclaimed destination and attracts many adventure lovers all across the world. It is located in the district Alwar of Rajasthan and forms an important part of the wildlife Rajasthan tourism. In the earlier times, this park was a major hunting ground for the maharajas of Alwar. You can see wild dogs in the park. Apart from this, you can also see hyena, jackal, jungle cat, tiger and leopard. You also have chital, sambar, chausingha, nilgai, langur and wild boar. Apart from this, you also have the rhesus monkeys in large numbers in park. When you talk about the birdlife, it includes grey partridge, pea fowl, bush quail, tree pie, sand grouse, woodpecker (golden backed), great Indian owl, eagle (crested serpent) and much more.

When you talk of Bharatpur bird sanctuary, it is one of the famous in the world. The birdlife in this place is rich and has different species of aquatic birds. Some of the principal attractions of this place are egrets, Siberian cranes, water fowl (migratory) and many other species of birds. When you are on a Rajasthan tour package, you can also explore many other heritage cities as well. It is really good to see the wildlife in these regions. You can become a wildlife photographer and start this as a career by going in such belts. With time, you will develop a love with nature. You can become a nature lover. You can also do a major work as an environmentalist.


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