Good News! For Wise Weight Watchers! “five Killer Tips To Effectively Reduce Dangerous Dietary Fats in Your Foods

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A diet is a plan, generally hopeless, for reducing your weight, which tests your will power

but does little for your waistline. 

By: Herbert B. Prochnow

Trust me, this is really good news! Just don’t believe it outright! Read for yourselves and prove me wrong. In this article the good news is that you’re going to get the hard facts about what really works. We’re not selling gimmicks. We’re not selling fads or fancies. We’re are not going to ask you to give up food completely, put drops on your tongue, wear cellophane pants, or send for a month’s  supply of fat-burning  pills. We have something much more substantial in mind. The plain, unvarnished truth.

Without further ado, let me quickly share with you the first and foremost tip number one.

Killer Tips No.1. Always buy only hot air popcorn popper and don’t add butter.

You guessed it! The honest and undeniable truth is a cup of plain popcorn has only 25 calories, is high-fiber and filling, and taste great even without butter, especially when it’s fresh and hot.  Eating popcorn is a family affair especially when all at gathered to watch the ‘one eye monster aka ‘TV’ This simple fact is so important that I would not apologize even I have to repeat it again. I am sure you will agree with me;

Next tip . . .

Killer Tips No.2. Choose to eat wholesome food even travelling in the Plane

This statement maybe a little flip. You probably wonder what I mean by it. I mean you must just use common sense! Seasoned air travellers would surely agree with me.  Are you travelling by plane next trip? If you phone your airline ahead, they’ll certainly substitute a low-fat meal for the food your fellow passengers will be eating. And you might get a better meal. Easy enough to do! Right?

Let’s give a loud shout to tips number three. OK?

Killer Tips No.3. Wisely replace high fatty desserts for healthier alternatives.

Let me clue you in on a small piece of advice. If you love sour cream, please do substitute the cream with non-fat cottage cheese and yogurt. To replace it, you should whip them in the blender and seasoned with chives, herbs, onion or garlic. Trust me, good eating have consequences especially on your taste, weight and health. True?

Enough of laboring on tip number three; let’s cross over to killer tip number four. Any problem?

Killer Tips No.4. When eating cheese reduce the quantity but not quality.

I get a lot of phone calls, emails and letters from people wanting to know more of this killer tip number four. Let me explain here and now.  Many dieters somehow love to eat cheese in one way or another. To enjoy this without guilt, just crate and sprinkle cheese over casseroles, pasta and sandwiches wherever you usually add cheese slices or chunks. You’ll get the flavor with less fat and fewer calories. Get the picture?

The last but not the least tip will knock you off your feet. You can bet your last dollar on this. Jokes aside!

Killer Tips No.5. Make brown rice and vegetable for better carbohydrates, reduction of fat and calories.

You probably can see the point of this one right off. Good food can be made better especially when eating brown rice with vegetable. An excellent trick is to mix cooked brown rice or diced vegetables with the chopped meat in meat loaf or hamburger. Believe me it will increase carbohydrates and reduce fat and calories in them. Easy to practice? I think so if you ask me!

To summarize let’s recap the following killer tips. Firstly, always buy a hot air popcorn popper and don’t add butter. Secondly, choose only to eat wholesome food while travelling in the plane. Thirdly, wisely replace high fatty desserts with healthier alternatives. Fourthly, when eating cheese reduce its quantity but not quality. And lastly, make brown rice and vegetable for better carbohydrates, reduction of fat and calories.

My conclusion on this article is simply this! We now have given you this information. We have given you the justification and the facts and the best advice we can give, the rest is up to you. Health is really is wealth in more than just financial, and whatever choices you make. We wish you best of luck in your pursue of a slimmer and healthier body. End

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