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What media are best for you? Marketing your insurance agency is a long and expensive process and it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to coordinate this function. To carry out and to recognize in this fast and competitive world we live in, more companies are trying to find ways to increase your brand to gain a competitive advantage. You know the old saying “you have to spend money to make money.” So do not fall into oblivion. To try to help determine the best advertising medium for its insurance business to help show the most common types of marketing and give an explanation of each. More importantly, before entering demonstrate how to market your insurance agency you need to think about what your budget and start from there. As you know, other advertising media have a price.

My target audience: What vehicle insurance do you offer? Do you provide health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, etc.? What is the age of the target market and who exactly are you trying to provide insurance? These and other questions must be configured before you open your wallet. Here are some tips for effective marketing insurance agency.

1. Online advertising: Companies that provide exclusive rights, such as zip code and, which gives a unique exhibition on the web. As more and more people use the internet and find a safe, has become increasingly important in today’s society as the advertising on the Internet. 75 percent of households have Internet access. This is a cost effective way to gain exposure to national and local level.

2. Block advertising in trade publications or online magazines: Many companies want to advertise in the same areas, so be there. Because insurance companies are always finding new agents to join their company, they know that many of the “insurance agents to be” read these particular magazines. How television commercials and print, you probably do not want to hear or take an outside agency for advertising, you can build a campaign that best suits your agency and the insurance products they sell. Costs can vary from one style of ad you want to create. A good way to find a “reverse type” ads. Which means that it would be a black background with white text, which will give you some ad pop. If you want to and have the money to advertise in a color that is even better. Typically, the cost of advertising blocks the line is very convenient, and you have the freedom to dress as the ad you want.

3. Advertising business opportunities: local newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, etc. It is a very effective way to advertise and promote your agency and your company needs to raise awareness of the brand. The online version of The Wall Street Journal has more than 4.5 million visitors. Now is a great audience.

4. TV Ads: the most obvious and expensive advertising on television. The Americans are glued to the TV and you will find a lot of statistics that show the evidence. Average cost of a 30-second spot is about $ 350.000. You can find the local TV advertising poses much less, so shop around.

5. Local movie theaters: the local audience and the type of atmosphere is a good way of marketing your business insurance. Many types of insurance come into play here, when you and your family away from watching a movie. Think about your life in order to guarantee, insure your car, insure your health, etc. All these things come into play when parents are away from their children. Make your ad is suitable for this target. Generally, these ads come when you are sitting in your seat, waiting for the movie begins. You can see in the ads are effective, when people are constantly seeing your name. In 2007, Hollywood has over 1,440 million admissions.

6. Direct Mail: There are companies that are part of direct mail your geographical area. 10 000 a piece of information about the target group could cost anywhere from $ 3000 – $ 10,000, depending on the company you use.

7. Outdoor advertising: the transit systems, bus benches, neon signs and electronic devices are a good way to get an agent to advertise. This is an affordable, unlike television commercials. And that the objectives of the target audience than most insurance companies offer insurance to their operating environment.

8. Publicity Still: A very large advertising is through your company stationery and supplies. A great way to show good faith is to give its customers a pen with your name and contact office. Another way to create some customer loyalty is through advertising magnet. You can paste in the refrigerator. This goes a long way, especially when people have the gatherings of family and friends. You have to be constant in the center of attention no matter what. The cost of office supplies and is a fraction of the price you get on the road to your potential customers. Other elements that may apply to you, mugs, calendars, and golf balls, to name a few.

9th Advertising Website: Let’s face it, if you do not have a website for your business, you really need to think about how and fast. Pace with our society, coupled with advanced technology, said a customer site on you and a quick and easy reference for customers quotes of all types of insurance such as home insurance, car insurance, life insurance and many more. You can easily create a website page paintings with just your contact information and perhaps a short story about you in your community. If you’re ready to take the extra step and create multiple pages, you can hire a professional, but for now if you do not have a website, you must create one. Even if you have to write it on paper, at least you have it for reference.

Start building a game plan – When you see the advantages of each advertising medium, stick with what works. Stay in your budget and find the best approach. Find the best solution for you is trial and error, but it will be the difference in building your business



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