How to Keep Laptop Battery Stay Longer?

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Well, to be honest, your laptop batteries probably aren’t completely dead. But since lithium ion batteries tend to lose about 20% of their capacity of each year, a typical portable three years might only get about an hour or so on a charge, which could not even get people through an entire meeting. 

Hardware budgets are feeling our economy tepid, and many companies make employees using laptops longer. If you tell your folks to keep plugging along with their laptops for four to five years instead of three years, you might be spending unexpected cost because of dead laptop batteries.

Here are four simple tips to prevent the day when you need to replace batteries.

Start with super-sized battery. When buying a laptop for that round. Update for longer battery life not only that is good for the start of the long run time but the inevitable loss of the battery is less pronounced effect. It is worth the investment of larger batteries because it will end up lasting significantly longer.

Remove it when you’re not used it. When you connected your laptop at the office all day every day, the battery is not getting a chance to discharge and recharge, which are very important for the long term health. Fortunately, it is a simple solution: remove the battery. As long as the laptop is connected to the power cord, the battery isn’t required; it will run without it. Don’t forget to pop back, before you take your laptop on the go.

Recondition the battery regularly. Most laptop manufacturers (except Apple) don’t tell about this, but simple steps, called restored (or sometimes the calibration) can give a new life of the battery pack capacity and add it again. To do that, disable the screen saver and other power management tools that put to your PC to sleep. Let your laptop run all the way down when it is fully charge. Then, charge it back up again and bring back the power management stuff. Do this every a couple of months.

Keep it in a cool place. Heat is the killer battery temperature. Let your employees know to not overheat the laptop. In this case, it happens when a running laptop is place into a backpack or briefcase. If the laptop does not go to sleep (sleep-and recognize common errors), then you can get crazy hot laptop indoor space. Battery lasting loss almost smells.


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