David Beckham With LA Galaxy Have a Friendly Face Indonesian U-23 National Team at The End of This Month

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David Beckham with LA Galaxy have a friendly face U-23 national team at the end of this month. For the game, Beckham asked for special security for her.

This was stated by the Ambassador of Indonesia to Anerika States as well as the initiator of the LA Galaxy coming to Indonesia, Dino Patti Djalal. Beckham demand is certain to be realized by local penyelanggara.

”There will be special security from us, especially the safety of the police, and they set up special security themselves,”said Dino in a press conference at the Hotel Kompinski, Wednesday (11.23.11).

”One thing we convince Indonesia, we are assured at the SEA Games yesterday proved to be safe, the Asean summit. All successful run orderly and smoothly, “said Dino.

Although setting up a special security for the former Manchester United and Real Madrid, the football enthusiast Dino asked Indonesia demonstrate a positive attitude and treat the guests politely.

”This is a friendly and Opportunities for the PSSI will go international. The total cost of which is used a million dollars, plus accommodation and others,”Dino finished.

Matches in Indonesia could be the last match Beckham with LA Galaxy. With a contract that runs out at the end of this month, Becks was widely rumored to be resigned.

David Beckham LA Galaxy along soon getting his foot in Indonesia. Promoter reportedly needs to raise billions of rupiah to bring them here.

On November 30, David Beckham will be visited tomorrow Bung Karno Main Stadium to challenge Indonesian Selection. It turned out that funds expended no small party promoter reached billions.

“The funds to bring them here that all 1 million U.S. Dollars (approximately USD 9 billion), it was with accommodation, ticketing, security and others,” said Indonesian ambassador to the United States, Dino Pati Djalal, at the Kempinski hotel, Wednesday afternoon (11/22/2011).

Dino also explained that the Galaxy will get a tight guard while in Jakarta, although the club’s League of the United States bring their own bodyguards.

“One thing they emphasize is security. That’s what they always ask. Thanks to yesterday there is no SEA Games and ASEAN Summit, so security proved to be quite good,” he explained. “Here we took the Police, while that for the security of their team also brought directly from there.”

When asked whether the troupe’s LA Galaxy, or in particular Beckham, asked for something special, Dino said: “During these talks more to the nature of the protocol and other technical matters. If the others may not have this particular special.”

And Ambassador who still looks young Indonesian players were very hopeful Selection able to use this opportunity as possible and can score goals.

“Hopefully we will be tough matches and qualified yag exciting, and hopefully the results are too thin. At least two of our goals,” said Dino.


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