Can You Use Widgetbucks and Adbrite With Adsense? Alternatives.

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How To Earn Residual Income From Your Website With Adsense Alternatives and Associates Programs

If you just created a website but are not earning any money from it, you should consider monetizing it, or adding elements to the site that earn income. One of the best methods is to add pay per click advertising that compliments Google Adsense.

You can choose where the ads are placed on your website and how big they are. You have a lot of choices besides the most popular pay per click service, Adsense. Your site may benifit from adding other pay per click advertisers like Widgetbucks and Adbrite along with Adsense, as long as you follow the rules.

According to Google, you are allowed to place other advertisers along with Google Adsense, as long as the ads do not look exactly like Adsense ads. An example of an ad group that would not work would by Yahoo pay per click ads, since they look almost identical to Adsense. To sign up for these money makers visit either Adbrite or Widgetbucks Paid Advertising

To join up for Amazon Associates visit  Amazon Home Pageir?t and scroll to the bottom of the page.

If you don’t already have a website you can buy a domain name and start building a site, even if you don’t own a web page editor like Front Page. Two sites where you can make your own website without any software are Web Hostingjn121c37w1-LPNRUUQQLNMPVPPNM and

You can build a website about a hobby that you enjoy or subject you are interested in. You can blog about something that concerns you, such as the environment or election fraud, and develop an loyal following, who often will click on your ads and buy products from your affiliate links.

Using one of the online web page editors above, you can build and upload a website in less than half a day. Get your ideas and articles together and save them in a Word or notepad document and then copy and paste to your web page. Then monetize your website by adding pay per click advertising and associate programs.

A well designed website can very easily bring in over $100 a month in passive income for you, once it is up and running.

For more on how to earn money from a website see Scott M. Cramer’s article; How To Earn Money Honestly Online

Scott is a home builder from Houston Texas who set out a year ago to try and make $1000 a month from his websites and other methods, such as writing articles online.


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