10 Reasons You Should Trade Forex

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I see lot of people just wonder why should they trade forex?

Here are 10 reasons why you should trade forex .

1] To obtain financial freedom. No bossing ever again to you.

2] 24 hr market . Choose the time you want as per availibility. Get up anytime and trade at the time you chose.

3] Higher returns than any other investment . Gain more earnings each day.

4] Availability of multiple currency pairs to trade. You can sell a pair or buy it. No restrictions on sell or shorting.

5] Highest volatility and daily turnover is in trillions. The daily turnover is more than combineed many stock markets in the world.

6] Work from home and give time to family . Stay with kids and your wife.Never again give a chance to your wife and kids to get angry over you for not being able to give them the time with you they want.

7] You can trade from any place in the world once you have your laptop and net connection. So keep trading and earning while you roam around the world.

8] Easy availability of executing trades. Just a click and you place a trade. Put Stop loss and target price and you are done.Get back to your daily work and come back and check whether you have hit your stop loss and target price .

9] Gain interest just to carry a pair . The longer the term of carrying the currency more interets added to your account.

10] Forex gives you an environment to deal directly with the big banks and make a tension free income .

So ready to start forex trading? Or need more reasons to do so?

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