The Music of Memphis’ Soul

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The music of Memphis’ soul

Travelling to Memphis to enjoy the Memphis sounds? Plan ahead and book your stay with one of the best boutique hotels in Memphis—at downtown lounge Econolodge, you can enjoy some great hits in a mature atmosphere with live music. Memphis Sounds lounge, at Econolodge, has live blues, cool jazz and sizzling barbeque. Speaking of which, the best way to get a taste of the culture is to get a mouthful of it. 

At Econolodge, start your day with a continental breakfast. In Memphis, though, the greatest taste bud extravaganza comes from its BBQs. And being committed to enhancing the Memphis experience, Econolodge takes barbeque to another level: CCC   slowly cooked over hickory wood ???, served with a side of (special sauces/BBQ spaghetti/secret dry rub???) . 

When you are done getting your fill of these smoked delights, it will be time to feed your soul some classic delights. Memphis is home to, no scratch that out … Memphis is the cradle of rock’n’roll, blues and a variety of Southern sounds. And, the city has plenty of famous clubs that attest to the fact. The famous clubs in Memphis are equally famous for their star quotient; and when we say stars, we mean the biggest ‘uns. You’ll hear things like: ‘Cash was here’; ‘Be around because Elvis visits Memphis sounds’. Take these utterings seriously—you want to be at the right place at the right time to witness the birth of the next star!

But in case you suspect you yourself might be the next big thing, just grab the mike on Karaoke Thursdays at Memphis Sounds Lounge and launch your superstardom! This jam-packed weekly event is one of the biggest crowd pullers. After crooning the night away, once you are rested and ready, continue the party on Friday with some great live bands in Memphis. Big Baby of A440 plays every Friday to patrons at Memphis Sounds. And then, it is weekend time! The weekend is a magical adventure to be lived, but that is a story unto itself.

So, when dropping by at Memphis, catch up on the music scene at Econolodge downtown: home of Memphis sounds.

Memphis Sounds is a lounge with a family-like atmosphere, a place where you can come and enjoy our Happy Hour after a long day at work, and unwind before retiring home for the night, and if you are in the mood to have a little more fun, you can join us on Thursday nights for Karaoke, where you are the star entertainer. Our Friday through Sunday nights are even more exciting because you have the opportunity to enjoy the best live bands that Memphis has to offer, where Blues, Jazz, and R&B meet to create a melodic sound for the mature listener.


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