Phones Going "GREEN"

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Plastic bottles to mobile phones ?? Mobile phones going green ???

We all know that mobile phones are responsible creating so much problem , killing species of birds , increasing waste materials and so on and so forth . So how can mobile phones go “Green” ?? Strange , isn’t it ? But it’s the reality .

It all started with the Motorola “Renew” , the world’s first “GREEN” phone . Motorola’s new W233 Renew , a cell phone whose case is made from recycled water bottles (yeah , those water bottles made of plastic which we use in our daily life) , is the world’s first “GREEN” phone. Motorola claims that the phone , announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show gives an eco-friendly talk time of up to 9 hours and a “zero-carbon footprint” .

Motorola says it will pay , which sells carbon credits , an undisclosed sum for every Renew to offset the carbon dioxide used to manufacture , distribute , and operate the phone . , in turn , says it will use the money to fund projects that reduce carbon emissions , such as wind farms and methane-trapping programs . A nice deal , isn’t it ???

Following Motorola’s footsteps , other manufactures also began to show their concept GREEN phones . There’s the Remade , a cell phone Nokia . Remade’s case is also made from water bottles , as well as recycled aluminium cans and old tires (the keypad) . The Remade makes claims to be green on the inside as well , with supposedly environmentally friendly printed electronics and an energy-saving display . And late last year , Sony Ericsson unveiled it’s Green Heart , a phone with a biodegradable skin and an energy-smart charger that shuts off after it charges the phone .

And since the mobile market is so competetive , Samsung and other players may soon come out with their offers.


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