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Rapidshare is a filehosting pure gold if Rapidshare had a search engine built in , that will be one of the most power full search engine in the universe but they don’t , so many people have tried to create a search engine for them a search engine that can combine all the Rapidshare files but they all have one common problem and this problem is the reson why no one uses them  the problem is that  they have so much links and information that its impossible to find any thing in them , this why we have created the ultimate search engine the best you can ever have and dream of,

 i think we have solved the the biggest problem that is  looking for Rapidshare links for hours .

welcome to the world of fileonfire welcome to the real world of rapidshare searcher 

 in this hyper link you will find how easy it is to find rapidshare links 

 and all the links has photos – and here you can see that my site is the best no other search engine have this , and also we chick for the links if they are valid or not every week so if there is a link that is dead we kill it .

more over fileonfire has many other features such as:

a live linking: you can go to this live linking and you can see the rapidshare links coming to you one by one with the photo of what this link has – i swear sometimes i use the live linking for hours.

random links: here you can go get a random link every time you get different one

fileonfire.com links to 19,000,000 files  – and we are proud to say that we have the biggest database of all.

we have movies games music books and much more…

we also have files for megaupload,easy-share,….

so visit the site and enjoy

rapidshare search engine 


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