Earn Money For Buying Your Normal Items!

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Topcashback.co.uk is one of many cashback sites. These sites pay you to shop whenever you buy something from a third party through them. For example if I buy £50 worth of clothes through Marks and Spencer’s link on the Topcashback.co.uk website you get £2.50 back in a few days. They do this because Marks and Spencer pay them this £2.50 and they pass this on to you. They are one of the only sites that pay you 100% and charge no annual admin fees and have no minimum payout level. You may wonder why they do this but they get their money through advertising on their site. Sorry if that is too complicated and longwinded.

The best time to earn cashback is when you switch a utility or insurance as you can get up to £100 back! You can also earn money by referring your friends. You get £2.50 when they get £5.00 (leave a comment if you want my link!) You can even earn money by doing searches on sites like kelkoo.

To sign up all you have to do is enter a few personal details and then you can start earning or saving. Cashback is never guaranteed but is almost certain. If you ever have any problems Topcashback are always very friendly and reply quickly through the enquiry section of their site and you even get the highest cashback guaranteed.
You can get paid either by PayPal, BACS or cheque and can get paid even if you have 1p unlike others that only pay you when you get £35.

To sum up Topcashback.co.uk is a reliable, friendly and fair site. They are not the easiest cashback site to navigate but are certainly one of the best. So sign up today!

Rating 10/10

If you want to join please tell me and I can refer you!


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