Kickboxing With Live Turbo Kick Classes: Party And Workout!

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If you have never taken a live Turbo Kick class, you haven’t lived! Turbo Kick is a cardiovascular kickboxing based, group exercise created by Chalene Johnson of Powder Blue Productions. Turbo Kick focuses on zero-contact, high intensity, kickboxing derived fun. The classes offer a diverse workout and a great place to get to know and meet new people.

The Atmosphere – Not the Typical Kickboxing

Unlike your average kickboxing class, you will find that Turbo Kick promotes something different: you don’t strive to be the best, but your best. The group exercise instructor is generally fun, energetic and always ready to have a good time. With the room moving, you are going to enjoy yourself and it’s almost guaranteed that in just a few minutes you will forget that it’s a workout!

The People- Turbo Kick Buddies

No matter how fit you are or how long you have been committed to regular fitness, you will find people at all levels including many at your own level in Turbo Kick. While you generally will not meet anyone who does kickboxing professionally, you will be surprised at the stories you will find. A class is bound to have someone who has changed their entire life because of their new found love of Turbo Kick. In a Turbo Class, you will shake it, twist it, and love it! When you do that with other people you will find that if you’re a regular, you start to become part of the Turbo Kick family!

The Party – Turbo Kick for Life

If someone is willing to take themselves to a Turbo Kick, it is simply unheard of that they never come back; simply because it’s not a kickboxing class, it’s a party! The music that you’ll hear is current and fun, if you find yourself listening to Turbo Kick music and not dancing, you better check that you still have a pulse! When you think that you can’t go any further, look around and you will see there is always a smile on someone’s face – especially the instructors! They love their role and it’s the party mentality that gets everyone moving and coming back for more!

If you have ever wondered about Turbo Kick live classes, now is the time. There is likely to be one in your area! While it’s not kickboxing, it does have the heart and soul of a party. So if you’re looking for a great time and trying to get motivated to get moving, you have to attend a Turbo Kick Party! It’s all about what you put in to get the result you want: better fitness, new friends and a weekly Turbo Kick party!


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