Review of K-Cups: Your Own Single Cup Coffee at Affordable Prices

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Many people refrain from purchasing Keurig personal coffee makers not because of the price of the machine, but because they don’t want to continually purchase the K-cups that the machines require for every cup of coffee. Now Keurig has a new option for those looking for the convenience of a single cup coffee maker that is of high quality, while not requiring the consumer to individually purchase every single cup! The My K-Cup is a mesh filter basket that allows consumers to use their own gourmet coffee blends with the Keurig personal coffee makers (this does exclude OfficePRO and the other commercial brewers released by Keurig).

The first thing that many consumers love about the My K-cup is its functionality; it’s an affordable product that offers additional features to a wonderful products. With this product the consumer gets the benefit of being able to use ground coffee – including specialty flavors that you find yourself enjoying around the holidays. This options the consumers the ability to have much more variety in their single cup coffee flavor options.

By using the My K-Cup you will find that you are able to save a lot of money on coffee. While you surely enjoy the K-Cups that Keurig offers, you will find that using coffee grounds saves you a fair amount per cup. When you compare the price per cup on grounds versus K-Cups you find that you the can be paying less than a quarter a cup for coffee; an incredible savings!

The My K-Cup is also going to help you get your ground coffee to go further. There are certainly countless times that you can count when you have made a whole pot of coffee, because you didn’t want to mess with the balance of strength that you have in your coffee, but you know you’re never going to be able to drink all four, eight, or even twelve cups! Using this as an alternative, you find that much less coffee is wasted, because you only need a small amount of ground coffee to get the strong brew that you love, and none of it is being wasted!

Using the My K-Cups is also incredibly easy, and if you have a Keurig personal coffee maker – or have every used one – you are definitely going to be able to use them. The mesh basket fits into the machines just like the K-Cup product line, so you are going to be familiar with the set up! Using this new technology is practically plug and play technology, and this familiarity is going to make it that much easier to make your favorite coffee whenever you need it!

Cleaning the My K-Cup is incredibly easy as well; its small size makes the actually scrubbing work minimal! In that same vain, even though the mesh basket is small and amazingly light weight, it is very durable and will last you for a very long time! The My-K Cup is a small piece of equipment that is going to make a big difference in the way that you drink and enjoy your favorite coffees.

There are some complaints when people use the My K-Cup about leaking, but it is important to note that is a very easy fix. When you receive your product, the basket may not be in the ideal position, but the mesh basket is adjustable. Carefully adjusting your gasket to fit the needs of the grounds that you use, you will find that this problem can be stopped immediately, and you won’t regret your purchase!


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