Delinquent Hotmail, Microsoft Starts Investigating

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Microsoft has promised to respond to complaints from the updated Windows Live Hotmail, and improve the situation as soon as possible. Around 25,000 users have reported problems updated since the end of last October. “Our investigation has been a problem that has been reported to our customer and start working to take the steps necessary to remedy this situation as soon as possible.” Microsoft spokesman said.

Hotmail update, including the Contact Picker, which is designed to provide convenience for the user to view contact when writing emails, and predicted the text when a user starts to enter words in the email address. “No major changes, only beautify the design. We only do some improvisation to Hotmail, based on feedback from customers. “Hotmail team said.

In fact, however, the user can not access folders and their email, difficult and forward and reply to messages. Other users reported that the new Hotmail feature is not compatible with the size of the screen that users use.

For that, as Microsoft responded to user feedback in his blog post at the beginning of last November, said that the changes in the ration in response to the response after the polls from hundreds of users. Mike Schackwitz, the program manager of Windows Live Hotmail, stated in his blog that Microsoft will continue improvised Windows Live Hotmail to the new version, based on user demand, including adding page layout to provide more space in inboxes, to satisfy users who use a small monitor. Schackwitz also promises more themes and the number of messages that users can be viewed per screen.

To overcome this problem, Microsoft menyarakan users to try Windows Live Mail, Outlook Connector for Microsoft Office Outlook users, or if the mobile version of Hotmail users using Linux. However, most users still kurag Hotmail satisfied with the suggestion that Microsoft recommended, and it all depends on how far up the Microsoft remedy the situation.


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