Has a Cure For Parkinson’s Disease Been Found?

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It’s a dream for me, if there has, in fact, has been a discovery made, because I was diagnosed  in August 2008. But I wonder if this is just another false lead?

My case is really not too far advanced. But the medication I am taking has this side effect that I don’t like called dyskinesia. The constant rocking back and forth. As a result, I lean back on my  chair to minimize the movement.

But this story caught my eye. Doctors in India used a well known surgical technique, used on Parkinson’s patients, called Deep Brain Stimulation, and cured Parkinson’s Disease in a patient named M. Sundaram. He has had this disease for 15 years which means that he’s had it since he was 44, since he is 59 right now. When I was diagnosed at 60, I was told by my doctor that I was a bit too young to have Parkinson’s although it was not unheard of at my level of youth.

Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS, involves the installing, or placing an electrode in the brain that sends a constant electrical signal into the brain, called the Sub Thalamic Nucleas, and it helps with PD symptoms, relieving them by a significant amount. And although this DBS has been done for a long time now, no cure had ever been found.

Yet, this hospital in India, the Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, has managed it And they claim to have cured the patient completely. What does that mean? Because if they cured him completely, that means that the patient doesn’t really need the device implanted in his brain, doesn’t it? They can just take it right out again, right?

The other mystery, if I’m reading this correctly, is that this is the first DBS operation that this hospital has ever done. That means that they essentially have no experience with the DBS procedure. Maybe it’s the hospital itself that has no experience and a visiting doctor performed it.                                                                                                                       

Well, if this is true, then I am happy for Mr. Sundaram. He’s got a new lease on life. But I am going to keep my eye open for further news stories involving this hospital. Because if they truly did it once, then they certainly can do it again.

I hope.


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