Express Your Love With This Beautiful Gift

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Why they are special

Why is it tradition that men give their beloveds solitaire diamond engagement rings? It is the aura and the magic of the gem that makes them so alluring. When a solitaire catches the light, a burst of color and sparkle erupt from the center. In ancient times, they were believed to be stars fallen to earth or even teardrops fallen from the gods above.

How can it not be magical?

Their beauty, worth and strength make them the perfect symbol of love. While others stones are loved and adored, nothing quite compares to beautifully set diamond wedding bands. It is the ultimate expression of love and commitment from the moment the first ring is given. These gems are strong and can withstand most anything just as a young couple hopes their marriage can. What better way to solidify the union than with this eternal gem?

There are many other occasions down the road where the relationship is further solidified. Diamond anniversary rings are the perfect way to celebrate the day a couple came together as one. Of course, an anniversary is not the only occasion befitting of a brilliant bauble.

3 stone diamond rings encompasses the entire life of a couple- their past, present and future together. As a gift, this style makes the birth of a child, an anniversary, a special holiday or any day of the week more special and memorable.

Easy to wear and clean

This gemstone is the toughest of all the gems and ranks a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is the gem by which all other gems are measured. Because it is so durable, everyday wear is fine, in fact it is a must. These are not stones to be saved for a special occasion. Wearing them makes everyday a special occasion!

To keep them sparkling and brilliant, soak diamond wedding rings and other pieces in warm soapy water. Scrub them with a brush to get the stubborn gunk out of the setting. It is also ok to drop them in a heated ultrasonic cleaner and let the agitation work the dirt free.

Just check the stones and prongs to make sure everything is snug and tight. Steamers can also be used to blast away the lotion and oils. Polish it with a soft cloth to finish off the shine. Whatever the occasion, this gemstone is the granddaddy of all gems.


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